The secret of cheap takeaway Instant food bag: the production process is disgusting, selling 400 thousand a day

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 the Internet circulated an unannounced video, exposing a large-scale food factory in Hefei using food to make inferior food bags and used by takeaway traders. The process of distributing the food package without food. The factory sells 400,000 copies a day, mainly for takeaway.

On the 16th, the Pearl Environment website was introduced to the film undercover Anhui Hefei Bargangxiang Food Co., Ltd. took a week to take a shocking shot … These food bags (fast food bags) passed the "hungry" and "beauty" group "selling traders sold in large quantities.

The production process is disgusting

The staff in the video tells us that our meat, far lower market prices, came in more than ten tons and sold it to these takeaway traders. The ribs have been extinguished for almost a year, and the map is cheap and it has been dried for ten tons.

The video shows that the food shop has a large amount of meat supply bags and cartons on the cold store floor. In the food processing process, the meatballs are taken by the employees on the ground directly, and the stirred meat sauce is not carried directly by the gloves. hand scoop.

There is a female employee who packs and says: "None of our dishes are cooked and it is very difficult to stir up. It is fried. We packed it ourselves. We did not want to eat it when we saw it. "Other employees said," This fish flavored pork (cost) is fifty or six cents a pound, and the market usually sells more than ten dollars. "

In the unannounced video, Feng Hongwu, deputy chairman of the board and head of the Anhui Baogangxiang Food Technology Co., Ltd. operations center, said that the current Baogangxiang food packaging industry is ranked first in the country, with a sales volume of 400,000 copies a day and a withdrawal of more than 50%. Each province has agents and sales in the East China area is about 1

0 million copies a month.

When you asked which group is in consumption? Feng Hongwu said, "Craftsmen, students." "Because it is also" hungry ", industry has arisen this. "

Merchants use food bags to make outlets

In addition, the video also shows a trader who uses food bags to make the process of takeaway. On shows that the takeaway seller uses a food package for cooking, which is then packed after heating and sold in large quantities through a takeaway platform.

I was asked if I used the cooking bag. A trader said, "I'll do it myself, I will not do that, I'll use the fitness deck." Put the dispensing kit in the microwave to warm it up and customers like the heat. "Hungry" and "Mei Tuan" are all lonely. When the business is good there are hundreds of singles a day. Three people are busy selling more than 3,000 orders a day.

When asked if the customer knew that he ate food that was made with a food box, the salesman said "do not let him know." 

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