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 These problems are often asked by many friends who always have playing games. All of which require relevant professional technicians to introduce and professional skills.Now I will tell you.

You need to khow who is playing cheat poker.
In our lives, we often encounter people playing cards and playing mahjong. We often play cards with some acquaintances to kill time. But if you play cards regularly, do you find the following people?
1, who playing cards often win, anh sometimes lost only a few money.
2, when you want to play cards, he will grab ahead of you.
3, when playing cards, there is a movement that is often done and done smoothly.

4, shuffle is very smooth, every time after washing the cards are placed in a basically fixed position, and each time the last cut is cut by itself.
5, when playing mahjong skills, it takes a lot of hot days to play cards, wear long sleeves and go to the bathroom.
6, put some common things on the table, such as mobile phones, bags, cigarettes and so on, and fixed position does not move.
7, every time a card player wears a very attractive jewellery, such as glasses, rings, watches, pendants, why is he staring at it, because he wears it every time.
8, there's always been a loser along with you, and then every time he abettes you are positive to play cards.
When the people have the above points, that he is possible to cheat in the poker.

How do ordinary poker cheat?
1, the above ten situations are a method, so long as you learn these, then you are a master.
2, you can mark the common cards and remember each mark to identify the cards. you can see it in wedsize 
3, you can suppress your opponent that remember the habit of playing cards on different cards.



4, using the marded cards to play poker. Plastic playing cards are marked with invisible ink.From the appearance,the marked cards are the same as the normal cards,so nobody will find the difference.With this amazing and incredible ink, the players can see the cards.