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How do I clean my lungs after stopping smoking?

The number of patients suffering from cancer every day is increasing. Before starting treatment for lung cancer, it is necessary to identify the cancer very well. As it starts from the bronchial epithelium, it is also called bronchial lung cancer. In most cases, most of the patients do not understand the symptoms of this cancer in early stages and they are late in starting treatment.

If you smoke for a long time, the toxic substance of the lungs gets accumulated, which can cause serious damage to the body. If you have to swallow the road dust and toxic smoke every day, then there is no word. You can not keep the lungs poisonous in this environment even after trying.

In that case, you need to know that there are many ways to clean the lungs.

1. Take out all the meals for two to three days. Do not even drink coffee. This method will help to clean up toxic substances.

2. Drink a cup of green tea before sleeping in the night.

3. Drink lemon and water mixed with water after being upset. Lemon antioxidant lungs are important for cleaning procedures.

4. Breakfast in the morning with some pineapple juice pills.

5. Drink morning carrots after breakfast. As a result, blood will be allocated.

6. After lunch lunch banana khan. Art helps in the process of cleansing potassium.

7. Drink cranberry juice at night. It helps to remove lung bacteria.

8. Exercise, it will breathe heavily. This breath will help the lungs be normal.

9. Take the steam bath in the morning to remove the toxic substances through sweating.

10. Steam the hot water vapor. If you can add two boiled eucalyptus oil in hot water. In this process, poisonous substances are released from the body

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Perhaps go on a “running plan”. Get yourself ready for a half-marathon. Likely, the best thing you can do to detox is to get clean air. Help others quit.

Look, there’s no actual detox that you can do/control, not really. You can’t “eat more celery” to detox or whatever. Your body is the top expert in detoxing itself, it just needs a regular/normal context to do so: Get water. Eat mindfully. Work out. And get fresh, clean, less polluted air.

That’s it. You can start doing activities that essentially slowly prove to you that you’ve recovered lung capacity etc


Plant a few trees. Be nice to nature. Stuff like that. Help others quit.

If someone is selling you detox in any variant, they’re trying to scam you. Simply take the money you’d spend on detox, put it in a box, wait a while, open both boxes*, buy some trees and plant them. Or buy some school supplies for poor kids. Or do some good with that money, for others or for yourself. Get an ergonomic keyboard.

*you should get a box for the money you’d have spent on cigarettes.

If you bear with me, I have a bigger point to make about detox:

Today I bought myself a LAMY pen. I’m in no way affiliated to these guys, I’ve always wanted a nice fountain pen and never really had any reason to actually have one. Whenever I wanted to play with fountain pens.. my girlfriend has a huge collection of all sorts of art supplies. So there’s that.

I got the Lamy because, well, mm, it’s like I wanted it and I got it. I used to spend quite a bit on my near-2-packs/day and now I don’t. I didn’t even buy the most expensive LAMY pen, in fact, I bought a very cheap yet professional pen. It’s likely one of the best-value pens out there. That’s not the point.

The point is that somehow I used to be this person with all this modelling on justifying expenditure and all sorts of decisions - yet I was burning money with cigarettes. Somehow I never could justify getting a nice pen (even if it’s likely the cheapest nice pen there is), since I somehow decided that basically any writing instrument will do.

I mean look at it. It’s so sweet. Pretty basic, like something a student would use to take notes. Aren’t we all students, in a way?

Here’s the thing about cutting an addiction and detox. The issue is always a mind-brain-body problem.

Sure, nicotine will get out of your body, your brain will slowly adjust to not juicing up on nicotine.. it’s the mind that will still miss it, sometimes. It’s also the mind that allows you to cut the addiction.

Clean your mind. I bought that pen because I still have an addiction: to somehow irrationally reward myself. I may be wrong. I likely am. Who am I to be anything else but a work in progress?

I could go on, I could fill this up with a lot of things. Here’s the thing:

It’s your mind that needs detox. Your body does really well with detox all by itself. Take care of your mind.

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