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How do we control our own thoughts?

 How can you control what song plays on the radio?

You can’t, because the radio doesn’t generate the music.

It just receives it.

Similarly, the reason we can’t control our thoughts is because our mind doesn’t generate our thoughts, but rather receives them.

That probably sounds a little crazy, because it flies against everything you’ve been culturally conditioned to believe.

But examine your own experience and you will see that there is no self in control of your thoughts.

If there was, you would never have negative, insecure, or irritated thinking.

Instead, thoughts simply occur to us.

It is only in looking back at our thoughts that we see that they form a perfectly logical sequence.

In reality, we only ever chose from the menu of thoughts presented to us in the moment.

If it occurred to you to consider other options, that happened because that thought was on your menu at the time.

If there is only one option on the menu, you literally have no choice but to follow it, because it happens automatically without questioning.

Some may find this realisation depressing, because it means we are actually not in control of our destiny as we have been lead to believe.

Personally, I find this realisation liberating, because it means life is doing most of the heavy lifting for us, and we are simply here to experience all of it.

So rather than try to control your thoughts, sit back and enjoy (radio) show.


Dr.Masaru Emoto is one of renowned scientist in the world. He used to conduct psychological experiments which had amazing results. He is famous for his studies of frozen water crystals subjected to different types of environmental stimulation and actual human interaction.

The experiment consisted of water in a glass and a person need to make thoughts, words, emotions, music & prayer directed toward various water samples.

Then photographers will take pictures of water after being exposed to the different variables and subsequently frozen so that they would form crystalline structures.

When appreciation and love is directed toward water, it freezes in gorgeous patterns. When anger, hate, rage and other negative emotions are directed toward water, the crystals degenerate into a blur, forming black unclear patterns. These were the patterns observed by him.

If a small molecule of water can form those by our thoughts ,then what about our body which consists of 70% water?

Now we may get seriousness about it and you can control yourself if you get the gist.

CASE 1 : Still there maybe some who already know the power of mind & thoughts but still mind wanders a lot .

What does monkeys do? They just jump from one branch to another always.But if it is given a job, it’ll try to do it. Same applies to mind, just give it a thought to focus and it’ll take care of it.

CASE 2: Still there maybe some who don’t know what kind of jobs to give.

The simple job which I suggest is ask your mind to follow your breath whenever you feel distracted. It’s also like a kind of meditation(an easiest form of meditation) which provides splendid results after practice.

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