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 1, first thousand skill shuffle, this is the basic skill, not looking good looking actually a little use of the cardistry style shuffle method, this kind of shuffling, divide the washing type and the two hands to take half of the half of the washing type two. No matter how many games you play, you can get yourself a big card or others.

2, other people cut cards will be disorderly. The need to cut the card is not disorderly support. How do you cut the cards? Even if someone else cuts the card, you can use a small way to control the first card to be in place. However, we can see that even if it is affected, there is a reduction method.

3. One hand reduction and two handed reduction. When your card is disordered by others, it can be restored quickly without being restricted by the venue or the surrounding people. No one can find it.
4, there is a change of licensing method, he is divided into palm treasure and two kinds of inner sleeves, to steal the card, hide cards, change cards, show cards and return cards five kinds of techniques.
5, and looking for cards, in performing some of the way to find cards, it is the most popular trick to borrow things, he can borrow other objects to achieve the purpose of understanding the cards, such as when playing cards in front of a lighter with the principle of reflection, when the dealer sends a card or sends his own cards, the hand of the card is a little closer to the play. The lighter can see the color of the card from the reflection of the lighter plane. The lighter is like a small mirror that clearly reflects the card inside.
6, this method can be used for objects, including lighter, cigarette case, mobile phone, a cup of strong tea, and even the platinum ring on the right hand. These are some special props, which are very opportunistic.