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David Peters Wins 2018 Triton Poker




David Peters has won the 2018 Triton Poker High Roller Series Jeju $500,000 HKD ($70,331) buy-in no-limit hold’em six-max event, outlasting a field of 39 entries to win $8,775,000 HKD($1,140,750 USD) and his third live tournament title of the year.


In addition to the money Peters was also awarded 408 Card Player Player of the Year points for the win. This was his 12th final-table finish of the year, and with 3,966 total points the 2016 Player of the Year award winner now sits in eighth place in the 2018 POY standings.


This was the third-largest score of Peter’s career, and it brought his lifetime earnings to $22,880,685.


Peters had a tough roster to deal with at the final table. Current Player of the Year race points leader Stephen Chidwick burst the money bubble, making the nut flush against Luc Greenwood’s king-high flush in an all-in pot to ensure that the remaining four players all cashed for at least $1,950,000 HKD ($253,500).


Steve O’Dwyer scored the next knockout, winning a preflop race with AQ against Hing Chow’s pocket nines to send the former to the rail in fourth place.


O’Dwyer followed that up by eliminating Chidwick in third place, calling the three-bet shove of Chidwick from the big blind with 44. Chidwick had moved all-in over the top of O’Dwyers button raise with the A3 and found no help on a 965JQ runout. Chidwick earned $380,250 USD and 272 points for his 19th final table score of 2018. As a result, he extended his lead in this year’s overall POY rankings.


O’Dwyer took a 2-to-1 chip lead into heads-up play, but Peters was able to fight his way into a slight lead of his own by the time the final hand arose. With blinds of 20,000-40,000 and a big blind ante of 40,000, O’Dwyer limped in from the button. Peters raised to 170,000 and O’Dwyer called. The flop was the 1097 and both players checked. The turn was the 5 and Peters bet 200,000. O’Dwyer called and the J completed the board. Peters checked, only to have O’Dwyer move all-in for 565,000. Peters quickly called with the Q8 for a rivered straight. O’Dwyer showed the KJ and was knocked out in second place ($760,500 USD).


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