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Marked Cards Analyzer Introduction|Gambling Cheat Device


What is marked cards analyzer?

The marked cards analyzer is a special gambling cheating device that looks like a normal cell phone. Both Apple and Android. But there is a special gambling cheating system in it. So it can process the information collected by the camera and get the game result through the calculation of the program.

marked cards analyzer

Where is the scanner camera?

Although the appearance and location of the scanning camera of each model of the cheat poker analyzer are different. Generally on the side of the phone, and if not know it in advance, the scanning camera cannot be found by the naked eye.

scanner camera of CVK680 cheat poker analyzer

Operating mode of the gambling cheating analyzer

  • 1.Results mode

The analyzer provides three result modes.
Firstly one way is communicating the results to the user through sound.
And the second way is displaying the results through the text of the work interface.
In addition it can also display the result on the clock of the lock screen interface.

  • 2.Sound mode

A common way to obtain result information is the sound mode. So you can choose to use the phone's speaker or a custom spy mini earphones to play the results. Usually people buy matching custom spy mini earphones to play the results. The phone's speaker is for testing.

spy mini earpho<em></em>nes for marked cards analyzer
  • 3.Remote control mode

The analyzer supports the matching remote control to change the settings of games. On the other hand you can set the game parameters in advance.
With the cooperation of the remote control, you can customize the analyzer for more gameplay.

remote co<em></em>ntrol of marked cards analyzer
  • 4.Scanner mode

The marked poker analyzer supports extension scanner camera. That is to say, you can use the scanner of the analyzer directly, or buy an extension scanner.
In short, extension scanner can provide more flexible scanning range that makes the analyzer more flexible in gambling.
Scanners have many appearances, some like a car remote control, some like a watch. The appearance of common items makes it difficult to notice the scanner.

You can watch video of analyzer here.

Question and Answer of Marked Cards Analyzer

  • 1.How to use the analyzer?

When the cheat poker analyzer is actually in use, you can turn the screen off when you put it on the table. Or you don't need to put the analyzer on the table, but at this time you need to equip an extension scanner camera, such as a lighter scanner camera, a power bank scanner camera and so on. Click here if you need a extension scanner camera.
First turn on the analysis function of the marked cards analyzer, then select the game you are going to play to ensure that the dealing rules are set correctly.
And then point the scanner camera at the marked playing cards. After that, the scanner camera will automatically recognize, autofocus, and automatically scan the marked playing cards. The gambling cheating analyzer will tell you the game results.

  • 2.How many people does the analyzer need to operate?

One person is enough to operate the analyzer.

  • 3.Which poker games does the marked cards analyzer support?

The marked cards analyzer can be set up for any poker game. Such as: Texas, Omaha, direct report points and so on. The marked cards analyzer can set the number of players in the game, can report which one is the largest, and can report the rank of everyone in order.

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