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What Are Infrared Marked Cards and Contact Lenses?


Marked cards have always been the main means of gambling cheating. As the most important kind of marked playing cards, infrared marked cards ( or marked poker, cheat poker, anyway ) and contact lenses are widely used in cheating in gambling.

Mentioned cheating in gambling, so that's it! They can help you win a lot of money in gambling. Let's find out how they work.
Infrared marked cards types

What are infrared marked cards?

Just like its name, the infrared marked card is a playing card that has a special infrared mark on the back of it. This special infrared mark cannot be seen by the naked eye, so the card looks no different from ordinary cards.

We use the special infrared ink ( JLcheatpoker ink ) to make the marks. The version of infrared ink on the market has poor stability. Our company has a top team of engineers who have carried out multiple versions of R & D and improvement. Now the stability of our infrared ink is much higher than ordinary level.

Besides, we have professional coating technology. We apply special coatings to the cards after marking. So our plastic marked cards are waterproof, don't worry about the marks being washed out during use.

Because marking the cards manually will cause uneven ink distribution, we mark the cards by machine. If using too much ink, it will leave visible traces on the cards. On the contrary, if using too little ink, the effect of infrared marks will be worse.

In order to solve this contradictory fact, our team of engineers designed a brand new professional printer. The amount of ink used by this printer is just in the middle of the contradiction. That will not leave any visible traces, but also ensure that the infrared marks are very effective.
Bicycle in frared marked cards

What is infrared contact lens?

It is ordinary contact lens with special infrared filters in it. only by wearing the infrared contact lenses, you can see the marks of infrared marked cards. You can use these contact lenses in the same way as ordinary contact lenses. As recommended by the doctor, it is best not to wear contact lenses for more than 8 hours a day. Everyone's eyes need enough rest time.
Infrared co<em></em>ntact lenses

So you can start to make monry with marked cards.

Whether it is gambling, war or business, it is very important to obtain information about opponents. With this information, we can make the most informed decision. Maybe a victory in a war, maybe a commercial success. All we need is wins of gambling.

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