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Poker Player Jungleman Threatened to Destroy Phil Galfond

Poker player Jungleman had to upload a video after losing the mini challenge with Phil Galfond, praising Galfond for being a better player and man.
However, he used this opportunity to announce that he was about to defeat Galfond in the upcoming official challenge.
The two played a 750-hand game last week, and Galfond won 86,870 euros, but the bets on both sides were equally interesting.
They decided, "The losers will post a video praising the winners as better poker players and better people"
The right to boast belongs to the owner of RunItOnce. However, Cates had to explain like a man to why his conqueror was a real hero.
The result, as you can see in Cates' Instagram post, is an impressive performance.
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Even the bad guys have honors. As a loser, as a better poker player, I have to pay my respects to him
Seriously, Falcon — I should say Mr. Phil Galfond — is a better poker player because he played better this round. He must be a better PLO player-as far as I know, he has never been angry or up, he is very competitive in all competitions. He is a better person because he is good to everyone, no matter how they treat him, even if they do not do well, he is still good to them. He is always humble. He plays poker while running multiple companies, which I respect very much. I especially hope that one day I will be kind to people like Mr. Falcons, but ... "
Here, Cates decided to say enough good things, which returned to the dark villain character, and warned them of the upcoming official PLO challenge ...
"Do you know what a falcon is? Galfond I'm going to pull your claws, pull your claws, destroy you, destroy your soul, and show your body to the world!"
The details of the official duel between the two are still being discussed, but poker player admitted in his "better man" video that Galfond has an advantage in the four-card game.
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Many online players know that his online ID is OMGClayAiken. In his third PLO challenge, he has led the online monster ActionFreak by nearly 200,000 euros.
In another special game with Bill Perkins, Galfond is currently leading by $ 90,000.
Of course, Galfond has already won a game-and against VeniVidi1993, he completed an amazing turnaround and won him 100,000 euros.
Although Galfond is described in terms of beauty, Cates vowed to fight back at the beginning of their real game-the mini game "is not over yet!"

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