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Argentina's female player Maria Lampropulos is on the road to poker millionaires


Amazing Poker Player Lampropulos

Since her first participation in poker in 2014, Maria Lampropulos has earned more than $ 3.2 million in live poker tournaments.

This British woman is of Greek descent, but was born and raised in Argentina. She is currently the third-ranked player on Argentina's historical prize list, and the eighth-highest-paid female player in poker history. Vanessa Selbst is currently the only woman to win two live seven-digit matches.

Lampropulos won the 2017 PartyPoker Million Championship in England, defeating 1,204 players bought in, winning the $ 1,280,000 championship prize and her first major event title. Less than a year later, she conquered 581 opponents and won the 2018 PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Main Event, winning $ 1,280,000.

It is unbelievable that even though Lampropulos is not a professional player, he has achieved such impressive results. She has a degree in business administration and previously worked in the human resources department of IBM.

Lampropulos had a good start in 2020. Before live poker was interrupted globally, it won seventh place in the $ 1,100 buy-in preliminaries of the partypoker Millions UK, and then won eighth place in the main event. 100,000.

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Interview with poker player Lampropulos

Recently, Lampropulos was interviewed to discuss her background in the game and how she participated in major events around the world.

  • When did you first encounter poker? Did the game stimulate your interest?

ML: I have been playing poker since I was a kid. I know how to play five-card draw poker. I used to play with my brother. Then I learned the rules of No Limit Texas Hold'em. But at first I just watched it.

When I started dating my ex-boyfriend Iván Lucá (Author's Note: Lucá is the World Series of Poker bracelet champion and Argentinian poker leader), I started to participate in some online tournaments, but at the micro level, I went back and watched while he was playing. Then we started traveling, and I started participating in some live tournaments, but the buy-in fee was very low.

Ivan used to encourage me to participate in competitions. I am very grateful for this. Today I really like playing cards. Poker is a passion for me. I really like this game. I find it very interesting and seemingly easy, but it may be so complicated, and at the same time many variables have to be considered to make this game so interesting.

  • Can you tell me more about how poker has become one of your main hobbies?

ML: To be honest, Ivan has a lot to do with this. I used to enjoy cheering just for friends. I started traveling with Ivan because he decided to participate in more live events. He insisted that I participate, and I did. Then this became my passion. I like games; that's why I really enjoy games now.

But it took a while. At first, it was just playing online micro-buy games. Then occasionally participate in live competitions. By 2015, the buy-in fee was still low. I think it is after March 2016 … I won the runner-up in the Rozvadov Poker Star Eureka Main Event won by Ivan, which is 10 days after I won the runner-up in the World Poker Tour Brussels National Main Event. Since then, I have become more interested in games. However, I still don't play it often. Later I won the championship at the partypoker million race UK station and PokerStars Caribbean Adventure, which made me want to participate in the competition more often. But this is a gradual process.

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  • Have you played other strategy games or competitive sports before playing poker?

ML: Since childhood, I have practiced many sports: rhythmic gymnastics, swimming, volleyball, hockey, so my understanding of sports discipline may be very good. And as I said, I have always enjoyed playing any card game. I also like to play some games with Spanish playing cards.

  • Do you have any talent or personality traits to help you succeed in poker?

ML: I think I have great empathy, which will be very helpful when playing live poker. I also think I am very patient.

  • When you start playing poker and achieve significant results, do your family and friends support this decision?

ML: In general, everyone, my boyfriend, my family and other friends are supporting me. For my mother alone, this is a little difficult to understand, but I think this is normal.

  • Your first live broadcast record was in a small event in 2014. However, as you mentioned earlier, you have already started to participate in some major tournaments, such as the 2016 European Poker Tour. How did this transformation happen?

ML: At the end of 2014, I participated in my first live game, which was in Brazil. After that, I started traveling with Ivan because he decided to participate in some live events. He insisted that I should try some small live tournaments in early 2015, but the subsequent buy-in would be even higher. So I think it was in 2016, I participated in my first EPT main event in Dublin.

Indeed, my mentality at that time was the same as my current mentality. Enjoy the game. To be honest, I don't care much about the title or ranking. I just want to do what I really like to do and play cards.

  • As you mentioned earlier, in 2017, you won your first "breakthrough" victory, taking away the £ 1 million championship prize from the partypoker MILLIONS UK main event. Can you tell me the victory, how did you participate in that game?

ML: It's amazing! I didn't intend to participate in that main event. The previous week, some of our friends came, and my brother also visited us. I'm a little tired and didn't get enough sleep, but I just decided to play the main event satellite game. If I didn't get a seat through satellite games, then my plan is not to participate. I became a bubble player in the satellite game and lost all-in with pocket A before the flop, so I will not participate in the main event.

The second day was the first day of the main game, and I took a break. But registration was still open until the next day, and Ivan tried to persuade me to participate in the competition. I went to the casino and finally decided what to do. Everyone there is talking about how great the tournament is, and I should participate. So I jumped into the game with about 50 big blinds in hand.


  • Did your progress to the final table go smoothly, or did you have to get up from the short stack? Can you describe how it feels to win your first championship in the main game?

ML: I don't remember becoming a short chip at any time, but I do remember a BB that was disgusted. In the last hand, my opponent and I were top pairs, and I had better kicks and straight flush, and I hit the nuts at the bottom of the river. When I won that game, I was extremely happy and even grateful.

  • Less than a year later, you won the second championship, and achieved more than one million in PCA? Can you tell me what that victory means to you?

ML: Great. A miracle. As you said, less than a year; another contest. Super powerful final tables are all outstanding players.

  • Yes, among the nine finalists, there are many very accomplished players, including Adrian Mateos, Koray Aldemir and Shawn Buchanan. Does the intensity of competition make the victory sweeter?

ML: I really hope I don't have to compete with them. They are great players. I really admire and appreciate many of these games.

  • You are currently ranked third in Argentina's historical prize list and eighth in the women's prize list. Do you care about this ranking? Do you track or use it to motivate yourself?

ML: I think they can serve as an incentive, but I am not obsessed with rankings. I don't care much about ranking. I just want to improve my game level, do my best every day, and always be able to enjoy what I am doing.

  • You have reached two final tables in 2020, including eighth place in the same event won in 2017, the Partypoker MILLIONS UK main event. How do you feel about the game now, what are you doing when the live event is closed?

ML: I feel very comfortable on the table now. I have been playing some games online, but not many. I have been chatting with family and friends, cooking, and trying to relax. To be honest, I have never been bored.

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