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Poker News WSOP Announced $ 1,500 Buy-in Schedule| Marked Playing Cards

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The Poker News WSOP official announced another batch of tournament schedules yesterday, for 25 games bought for $ 1,500.
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At the 1977 WSOP, the first unlimited Texas Hold'em tournament with a $ 1,500 buy-in was held. There were 38 participants, and every year except 1985, there was a $ 1,500 buy-in tournament.

In 2019 Poker News WSOP, there were 8 1500 USD buy-in unlimited Texas Hold'em tournaments, with a total of 3332 participants. The total prize pool reached 4.498 million USD. There are 10 unlimited Texas Hold'em tournaments in 25 games in 2020.
In addition to unlimited Texas Hold'em, there are many game types including Omaha Hi-Lo, Unlimited 2-7 Single Swap, 7-Card Stud Hi-Lo, Limit 2-7 Triple Swap, Pot Limit Omaha, Razz, Pool Limit Omaha Hi / Lo, Texas Limit, Mixed Texas / Bottom Limit Omaha, 8-game, etc.
In addition, new content is that these 25 $ 1,500 buy-in events will have separate standing, and players who enter the money circle in these games will receive points. However, WSOP has not disclosed what rewards the top players in the standings will receive

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