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Marked Playing Cards Poker News|Timothy Adams Won The Australian Super Bowl

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For high-profile professional player Timothy Adams, this month is very beautiful. According to Marked Playing Cards Poker News, he has just won the Super Bowl Australia at A $ 250,000 and won a high prize of A $ 2.16 million (USD 1.44 million).

This is the first time he has entered the money circle in the Super Bowl High Roller and is the third best result in his career. Now his offline bonus has exceeded 20 million US dollars.
Not long ago he won the A $ 416.5 million in the 25,000 buy-in event and entered the final table of the A $ 100,000 and A $ 50,000 buy-in event in the Australian Millions.
Marked Playing Cards Poker News Timothy Adams

Official final table Marked Playing Cards Poker News

1 Timothy Adams           AU$2,150,000 (~$1,444,831)
2 Kahle Burns                AU$1,200,000 (~$802,684)
3 Cary Katz                    AU$640,000 (~$428,168)

There are 16 participants in the event, which is only more than the number of participants in the London Super Bowl, making it the second smallest number in the history of the Super Bowl.

Fox led the chip at the final table of the live TV broadcast. Adams ranked third with 79 big blinds.

Burns caught Fox bluff on the last day and won the high pot. The public card 7c 4c Kh Jh 3s, Burns hand AcTc called the opponent three consecutive shots, Fox was caught 9h8h.
Fox then went out and his 77 hit SET on the turn. However, Burns hit a straight with T9 on the river. The community handed out 5s Ac 8s 7d 6d, and Burns got half the chips in the game.

Aaron Van Blarcum, who recently joined the Hawker game, became a bubble player. His top pair lost to Burns, who hit the flush on the turn and his A3 lost to Burns' 99 out.

Katz played in 10-20 big blinds most of the time. In the end, he got K2 and lost to Adams' T8.

45 minutes after the heads-up began, Adams flopped the top pair, hand Ah2h, Burns ’KcTc 3-BET, the flop dealt Ac 5h Kd, the turn 9s, both players checked and the river 5s, The Burns River paid the opponent's high bet.

Then Burns got KhQh and made a 3-BET opponent call before the flop, the public handed out 3d Js 5d Qd 3s, Adams handed AdTd, the river handed the flush all-in, and Burns ran out of time bank reserves He chose to call and lost the pot, leaving less than 10 big blinds.
Marked Playing Cards Poker News reported, Burns later won back some chips, but his 175,000 were still too small compared to his opponent's 835,000. The final hand of Adams 'A9 hit A on the flop, the turn hit two pairs, and beat Burns' QhJh Win the championship.

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