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Who are the twelve people on J, Q and K in playing cards?

 Who are the twelve people on J, Q and K in playing cards?


Perhaps when I saw my title, many people first responded, "these twelve people are different."


Yes, if you observe carefully, you will find that the characters on the twelve cards are different.


So what's the story behind them?


The first is J, the full name is Jack, which means the guard.


Spades J


Ogier, also known as hokella, is the son of Geoff Ray, the first Christian king in Denmark. In The Song of Roland, Hoggle is a fictional Danish hero who made great contributions to the war but died in the Battle of the Pyrenees. The spade J originally held a spear, but now it has been printed into a square stick.


Red heart J


Character archetype: La Hire (1390-1443)



A French commander in the hundred years' War of Britain and France, a servant of Charles VII and a comrade in arms of Joan of arc. One of his most important actions was to win a significant victory in the battle of the battle of Paris. In 1418, when the British invaded France, he joined the camp of Charlie VII. Three years later, he was involved in the battle of andru in 1421. The death of unidentified diseases in 1443




Character archetype: Lancelot (Lancelot)



The legendary figure in England is a member of the Knights of King Arthur's Round Table, and the brother of the Knight Ektor, King Arthur's foster father. Legend has it that he was raised by the fairy of the lake and was also known as the "knight on the lake". Because he is an excellent archer in legend, plum blossom J holds arrows. The love between Lancelot and queen led to the war between him and Arthur. (does Lancelot and LAN Chester look alike?) Marked card can know the number of poker according to the marked of poker.



Prince Troy, the elder brother of Paris, is Troy's first warrior, once known as "the wall of Troy". Finally, he fought with Achilles and died in the other person's hands. Then he was vengeance by his brother Paris.


Then it's Q, the whole name is queen, which means the queen.


Spades Q



Character prototype: who are the twelve people on J, Q, and K in Pallas Athena playing cards?


The goddess Pallas Athena, the only queen of the four empress cards, was the queen of the Greek mythology, the goddess of war and the goddess of wisdom. Athens was named after her.


Red heart Q



Also translated as Judith, a heroine in the Old Testament of the Bible, the Assyrians occupied Jerusalem, when a young and beautiful widow in the city led the female slave out of the city, tempted the Assyrian commander in beauty and fled his head to the city at night. The Jewish army took advantage of the attack and the enemy died because of the death of the commander.


club Q


Argine, displaced from the word queen Regina, the red and white rose in hand, and the red rose of Lancaster in England as a symbol, the royal family of York symbolizes the white roses, and the two royal families make up after the rose war and tie the roses together. (remember the thorn queen in the game of power?)


Block Q



The Bible records that she is the daughter of Laban, the second wife of Jacob, the mother of Joseph and Benjamin. Jacob worked for his uncle for fourteen years in order to marry her. Legend is a very beautiful woman, her sister Leah is Jacob's first wife.


The last is the K, the full name is king, which means the king.


Spades K




David was the eighth son of Jesse, the son of Judah, who was born in Bethlehem, a shepherd. Goliath, the king of Saul, overcame Philip tin. Then he fled from the king of Saul and pursued all the vagrancy. After Saul died in battle, he became king of Judah. A unified kingdom of Israel was established around 1000 B.C., and the capital of Jerusalem was established. After the death of David, Solomon inherited the throne. David established a unified and powerful State of Israel, which had an impact on the Jewish people and the world.


Red heart K



Charleyman, the king of the kingdom of France, conquered most of the land of Western Europe and central Europe, and had the supreme authority, ordered the people of the nation to believe in Christianity, and Charlie revived the western Rome empire. After defeating the nomadic tribes of Huns and Rouran (the Avars) from Northeast Asia, he established a vast empire encompassing most of Western Europe. He has made outstanding achievements in administration, judicature, military system and economic production, and vigorously developed cultural and educational undertakings. He introduced European civilization and was later known as "the father of Europe".





Character archetype: who are the twelve people on the J, Q, and K of the great Alexander (356-323 BC) playing cards?


One of the greatest military talents in European history, the most famous conqueror of Macedonia. The Alexander empire in 323 B.C. was the largest country in the world at that time. It exceeded the total territory of the eastern seven countries. Alexander emperor created a brilliant achievement in the short 13 years. He promoted the prosperity and development of ancient Greek culture and the exchange and economy of eastern and Western cultures and the integration of Eastern and Western cultures. It also encourages intermarriage among ethnic groups and advocates equality of status among ethnic groups, which has a significant impact on the progress of human society and culture. His expedition has made the ancient Greek civilization widely spread.


Block K



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