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Marked Cards Poker News| Vincent Wan Won The Australian Millions Main Event

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There are 820 people in the Aussie Millions Australia 2020 buy-in main event, which is only 3 fewer than last year. The prize pool of the event reached US $ 5.6 million. Eventually, local player Vincent Wan from Melbourne won the championship and earned a prize of US $ 909,420.

"I'm incoherent. I feel unbelievable at this time. At one time I thought it would be enough to get a minimum bonus, so I've been struggling. Now I'm a little nervous." Wan said in an Marked Cards Poker News interview after the game. "I can't believe my luck. Thanks to the other players. I've been grinding for ten years and trying hard to get here. I can't believe it."

Wan also earned 2,280 Card Player annual points and currently ranks first in the annual points list.
Marked Cards Poker News| Vincent Wan

Wan entered the third place when he entered the 7-man final table. Wan's chip stack is almost the same as that of the Poker Hall of Fame member Erik Seidel with 8 gold bracelets, only one big blind than Seidel. Seidel hopes to add more records to his brilliant record in Melbourne.

Nicolas Malo was out first. He got Td8c and played all on the public board of Jc 8s 9h. Nino Ullmann's QsTh Second Call. The turn and river did not reverse Malo. The seventh place gave him $ 165,655.
Oliver Weis was later out. He got KsTs all-in. Gareth Pepper's AdKc called. Weis failed to reverse, earning sixth place with a revenue of $ 212,396.

Wan began to exert his strength at this time. His hand AsJc raised from the Co to open the pot. Erik Seidel re-raised a total of 2.875 million. AsTs, Wan called. Both sides hit the kick on the flop, Wan eliminated Seidel (fifth place), this time the $ 261.275 gold makes Seidel's offline event prize money more than $ 37.5 million, ranking fourth in history.

Nino Ullmann then got Td7s, hit two pairs on the Tc7d5h flop, against Ngoc Tai Hoang's QQ, and turned the Jd. Both sides went all in, the river was 5d, overwhelming Ullmann's two pairs, Ullmann won the fourth place Revenue is US $ 331,310.

The final three players reached a bonus distribution agreement, Wan and Hoang each locked 909,420 Australian dollars, and short chip player Gareth Pepper locked 690,000 Australian dollars. The trio fought for the honor and the champion bracelet. After the game resumed, Gareth Pepper failed to overcome the chip disadvantage. In the big and small blind battle, he got 9d2c. Wan called, Ad2s, and Wan hit A on the public card. Pepper won the third place. Marked Cards Poker News reported.

Wan entered the heads-up with Ngoc Hoang with 13,665,000 chips, with 11,045,000 chips. The two sides played for nearly 4 hours, and the total length of the final table reached 15 hours. In the 414th hand of the day, Hoang got As3h all-in, Wan's Tc9h faced, the public card issued Js9s6sJdTd, Wan won two pairs and won.

Final table Marked Cards Poker News

1 Vincent Wan $ 909,420
2 Ngoc Hoang $ 909,420
3 Gareth Pepper $ 690,000
4 Nino Ullmann $ 331,310
5 Erik Seidel $ 261,275
6 Oliver Weis $ 212,396
7 Nicolas Malo $ 165,655

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