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Marked Cards Poker News| Griffin Paul Won WPT500 Championship

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The WPT500 Los Angeles Main Event ended last night. A total of 2310 people bought the event. Griffin Paul won the championship and earned $ 174,850. In 2015 he won the WPT Seminole Rolling Stone Poker Main Event.
Griffin Paul wins WPT500 New Year's Opening Championship

Marked Cards Poker News, Final table
1 Griffin Paul $174,850
2 Bradley Hinson $109,935
3 Hoang Le $81,125
4 Tim Tang $60,510
5 Huy Lam $45,630
6 Einav Shalom $34,790
7 Jaideep Sajwan $26,820
8 Andrew Wisdom $20,910
9 Matthew Witjas $16,490

The event was held at the Garden Casino, which lasted from December to January. The event had 16 initial match days, unlimited purchases, and a total prize pool of $ 1.1 million.

The players who entered the money circle on the second day included Nick Pupillo, Matt Salsberg, Kate Hoang, Nathan Bjerno, Gal Yifrach and Jared Griener. The money circle of the event was set at 5%.

Paul had more than 10 million chips at the start of the final table. At the time, the big blind had a 150,000 bet and 150,000. Bradley Hinson, the second-place chip, had 9.3 million chips. Hinson quickly doubled and his AA beat two Opponents, opponent hands are QdTd and AcKc.

Paul then hit a dark three and eliminated Huy Lam's QQ. The chip was close to 20 million. At this time, the blind was 200,000 and there were 4 players on the table.

Paul then used KQ against Tim Tang's A5, winning Q in the river and winning 23 big blinds. He then continued to be strong, hitting the wheel on the turn in the blinds and knocking out Hoang Le. The latter hit two pairs on the flop. Paul entered the heads-up with Hinson with a big advantage.

At the beginning of the heads-up, the big blind made a 250,000 bet with 250,000, Paul had 31 million and Hinson had 15 million. Both sides had deep chips, but the heads-up ended quickly.

The two sides slipped in before the flop, the flop issued 2s 5d Jh, Hinson bet 300,000, Paul checked and called.

The turn gave Kd and Paul checked again and called 1.2 million.

The river issued 7s, the pot was 3.7 million, and the Hinson over pot bet 7 million! Paul's Kh5c called with two pairs, Hinson's 8d6d did not hit the megacard, and the bluff was caught!

"I didn't have many setbacks and won the championship smoothly." Paul said in an interview after the game.

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