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Poker News| Lester Edoc won Manila Red Dragon Cup High Roller Championship

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After a three-hour heads-up, 38-year-old local Manila Filipino player Lester Edoc won the inaugural Poker Stars Red Dragon Cup Manila 500,000 pesos to buy the Super High Roller Championship, earning 5.222 million pesos ($ 102,127). In the heads-up, he defeated Florencio Campomanes, 25 people bought in the event, 5 people repurchased, the total prize pool reached 14.113 million pesos, and 5 people entered the money circle.
Lester Edoc won Manila Red Dragon Cup High Roller Championship

"This is one of the best final tables!" Edoc said in an Poker News interview after the game. In the 12-year career as a professional player, he won the second highest prize in his career. "I am a short chip player, from 9 players to heads-up, and then become the chip leader, once there are 8 big blinds to win the game!"
Five months ago, Edoc faced Chaofei Wang in the APPT Manila event and finally lost to the opponent in the heads-up. After this win, the Filipino players' prizes exceeded US $ 1 million. "I think I have luck now." Edoc added. "I am very lucky, but this is a great final table!"
Poker News Lester Edoc

Also entering the money circle were Nang Quang Nguyen, Lei Yu and Yake Wu.Poker News

1 Lester Edoc   ₱5,222,000 $102,127
2 Florencio Campomanes   ₱3,599,000 $70,386
3 Nang Quang Nguyen   ₱2,293,000 $44,844
4 Lei Yu   ₱1,658,000 $32,426
5 Yake Wu   ₱1,341,500 $26,236
Manila Red Dragon Cup High Roller Championship

With 9 players still left, Minh Le doubled, but quickly lost to Campomanes. His 66 hit the dark three on the flop, but Campomanes hit the flush on the river and Le failed out. Campomanes then defeated Xiao Ling Li, the only female player in the High Roller. She doubled from Wu, but she quickly lost it. She then got JJ all-in, Campomanes's hand TT called, the latter hit SET on the turn, and the river hit gourd.
Marked Cards Poker News

Weihao Ma was a short stack in the later period. He once doubled from Edoc when he still had 4 big blinds, and then lost the chip to Wu in the three-person pot. Phachara Wongwichit also participated in the pot. Wu then got TT and eliminated Ma. After Wongwichit, 18 big blinds remained.
Marked Cards Poker News

Wongwichit was out in the bubble period. In the face of Wu's raise, he got 66 to make a 3-BET all-in. Wu called. Although Wongwichit got SET on the flop, Wu got in the turn and river in a row Straight, got the minimum bonus.

Championship road Poker News

Campomanes and Nguyen took the lead when there were 5 players. After an hour in the game, Wu got all hands under JT and Nguyen called with TT. Wu hit Kasunzhao on the flop, but failed to hit a card in the next two streets and Wu was out. Ten minutes later, the last Chinese player Yu's A2 went all-in. Edoc's QJ called and hit a straight on the turn. Yu was eliminated.
Manila Red Dragon Cup High Roller

After an hour and a half, Nguyen got 10 big blinds in Q7, and Edoc got KK to call and eliminated him in the big blind. Edoc and Campomanes entered the heads-up with basically the same amount of chips, with a gap of only 4 blinds.

In the heads-up, the two sides came and went, and the lead was exchanged several times, but after an hour Campomanes flopped a straight, Edoc made two pairs, and Campomanes doubled. After this hand, Edoc only had 9 big blinds. Edoc doubled twice. The two sides began to agree on the distribution of bonuses, but did not reach an agreement. The heads-up continued.
Edoc then made a top pair on the flop, two pairs on the turn, the river doubled into a gourd, and got the lead. In the final hand, Campomanes' JT made 15 big blinds, Edoc's A5 called, and the public hand did not help anyone. Edoc won the championship.Poker News
Manila Red Dragon Cup High Roller

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