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Anthony Spinella Won The WSOP Tour Championship| Marked Cards WSOP

The last Marked Cards WSOP Tour event in 2019 was held at the Harrah Casino in Las Vegas. There were 665 participants in the $ 1,700 main event. The total prize pool reached $ 192,199. Anthony Spinella won the championship and earned $ 192,199 prize money and tickets for the 2020 Marked Cards WSOP Global Casino Championship.
marked cards WSOP

This win was Spinella's 50th Marked Cards WSOP money circle, and his career bonus exceeded $ 1 million. This is also his second WSOP tour ring, but his first ring came from an online event.
Spinella said in an interview after the game: "It feels great! My son has added new toys."

Marked Cards WSOP Final Table

1 Anthony Spinella $192,199
2 Nipun Java $118,764
3 Jimmy Lee $87,339
4 Raul Martinez $64,983
5 Tim Reilly $48,923
6 Adam Owen $37,275
7 Kfir Nahum $28,746
8 Stephen Graner $22,442
9 Benjamin Craig $17,738

Stan Jablonski was eliminated in the final table bubble period, and then passed a full level. Benjamin Craig failed to hit one of the three appearances against Nipun Java's 44th. He won the ninth.

Stephen Graner was later out. He doubled twice with short stacks, but failed for the third time. He finished seventh.
Nipun Java Marked Cards WSOP

In the next hand, Nahum went all-in on the three-plum flop. He already got the flush, Spinella called with a plum A, and another plum on the river, Spinella got the nut, and Nahum took sixth place. Name out.
After a few hands, Spinella eliminated the opponent again. In the face of Owen's opening, he got a 3-BET raise from the AA. His opponent 4-BET all-in. Spinella called and Owen's AT non-straight saw on the flop Weak hopes-it is possible to get the biggest straight, but none of the turn cards hit the river, and Owen earned sixth place with a revenue of $ 37,275.

Shortly after the five-player match, Tim Reilly got the flush Q8. He was all in the middle and was quickly called by Java in the big blind (with AJ non- flush), although the flop hit Kasun Zhao But the last two streets did not allow Reilly to reverse, and he earned fifth place with a revenue of $ 49823.

The four played another two hours and Raul Martinez was out. He has been playing in the short stack. He got 22 all-rounds. Spinella's 77 call eliminated him, and Martinez made $ 64,983 out of the game.

In the three-player game, the chips of the players were basically the same. Until the meal, Jimmy Lee lost to Java two hands in a row. The chip volume dropped sharply. After a few rounds, Lee got 55 all-in. Spenilla called AT and called the turn. An A decided the game trend, Lee earned third place income of 87,339 dollars.

Java had only 3.5 million chips at the start of the heads-up, while Spinella had 16 million chips. Spinella quickly defeated his opponent and got a second ring.

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