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Marked Cards High Roller|Tsugunari Toma Won Two High Roller Championships

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After harvesting 25,000 Euros for the High Roller Championship at EPT Prague last year, Tsugunari Toma is looking forward to this year's Prague.

He fulfilled his wish. A week ago, he won the € 12,200 single-day Marked Cards High Roller championship with a revenue of 135,220 euros. Last night, he became the largest of the 255 players at the three-day € 10,300 high-roller tournament. The winner earns 523,120 euros.
The runner-up Simon Lofberg topped the chip stack at the start of the day, and the runner-up brought her 352,230 euros.
Marked Cards High Roller|Tsugunari Toma

There were 17 players on the last match day, but it was quickly reduced to two tables and Thi Nguyen was eliminated. At the start of the day, short chip player Sam Greenwood chased the second Marked Cards High Roller Championship, but then was out.

After Daniel Dvoress and Ludovic Geilich were out, Lofberg took the lead, behind Matthias Eibinger and Yunye Lu.Marked Cards High Roller
Marked Cards High Roller|Final table

Rainer Kempe eliminated George Wolff (ninth place) shortly after the start of the final table. However, Kempe did not hold on for too long. He was eliminated by Lofberg, who rose to 3.5 million chips. Eibinger then eliminated Yokosawa and took over the game.
Chinese player Lu then eliminated Gianluca Speranza, while Eibinger still controlled the game with over 5 million in chips. Then Toma got the TT of JJ defeating Lofberg and entered the top of the chip rankings.
Marked Cards High Roller|Matthias Eibinger
After dinner, the 5-player Toma gradually took the lead in chips. Lofberg was the middle chip at this time. He eliminated Lu (fifth place) and the chip volume increased significantly.

Soon after, Simon Pedersen got the KQ of 77 against Eibinger. Simon Pedersen flopped four and eliminated Eibinger.Marked Cards High Roller
Marked Cards High Roller|Simon Lofberg

Afterwards, the pace of the game accelerated, and the short chip player Pedersen got JJ, against Lofberg's A8, flopped an A, Pedersen was out and the game entered a singles.

Heads-up started with the first hand, Toma directly 4-bet all to win the pot, the second hand Toma got A8, 3-BET all, Lofberg got AK to call.

However, an flop of 8 changed the game, and Toma avoided the opponent's flush and straight draw wins on the turn and river.

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