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Marked Playing Cards Event|Phil Galfond Challenged Adding 3 Opponents

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It has been nearly two months since Phil Galfond challenged global players, and this week there are 3 players in the game, so the total challenge opponents reached 4.
Last Friday, online high stakes Marked Playing Cards Event frequent visitor ‘Venividi1993.’ Joined the challenge. Since 2016, he has a record in High Stakes DB and is one of the most profitable online high stakes PLO players in the world.
Phil Galfond 2018 WSOP Marked Playing Cards Event

Galfond and his opponent agreed to play 25,000 hands, with a blind bet of 100/200 euros. Galfond made a 2: 1 bet with a jackpot of 200,000 euros. If he loses to his opponent, he needs to take another 200,000 euros, and The opponent only needs to pay 100,000 euros.

Last Saturday, Galfond released more details of the game. The two sides will play from January 22, playing at least two tables, 5 days a week, 4 hours a day, until 25,000 hands are played. For any reason, if one side exits, it will be judged negative.

Billionaire Bill Perkins previously accepted the challenge, but did not announce the specific arrangements for the Marked Playing Cards Event game.
Last Saturday Galfond announced that Dan ‘Jungleman’ Cates had joined the challenge.

Cates tweeted: "I will beat you in my way and make you feel new pain. I am not for money, I am for honor."

Cates and Galfond will play a 7,500 hand 100/200 euro pot limit Omaha, the bet is not announced. However, Galfond said that both parties are equal bets and the odds are the same. 
The fourth opponent is Brandon Adams. The two parties agreed to play offline for 40 hours. The blinds are $ 100 / $ 200. The project pot is limited to Omaha.

Galfond's odds are 1.5: 1, and the prize is $ 150,000. If Adams loses, he will pay $ 100,000.

online PLO professional player Fernando "JNandez87" Habegger previously agreed to play 50,000 hands with Galfond on December 9th, with a blind size of $ 100 / $ 200. Galfond opened a 1 million: 20 odds.Marked Playing Cards Event

However, Habegger announced his withdrawal from the challenge on Tuesday. Habegger said on Twitter that he failed to find the right time to maximize the interests of his investors.
Galfond currently invests $ 1.15 million in gambling. He also hopes to find three opponents.

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