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The development of Texas Hold’em poker in China: Win $2000 every day,The worst 3 hours to lose $9000



In July 13th, a Texas Poker Club, game player is playing cards. The club take membership points system


Dezhou Poker "Chinese style development": professional player monthly income 15 thousand

The worst hour is 3 hours lost 270 thousand, "underground cash bureau" can directly cash transactions, regular clubs take more points system

With the popularity of Dezhou poker in China, more and more people begin to devote themselves to the Dezhou poker industry, and Dezhou poker clubs, events and online platforms have sprung up in recent years. Many Dezhou poker industry practitioners said to the new Beijing newspaper that the number of regular Dezhou poker clubs in China over the past few years exceeded 500. There are about 60 million poker players in Dezhou, of which there are many "professional players".


"In foreign countries, Dezhou poker is common on the gambling table, but in China, because of the prohibition of" fishing profits ", the regular Dezhou poker club take integral system, in order to hold the tournament, the way to collect tickets for the profit of the players.And CPG, WPT and other big events are in on the basis of Sell tickets and and need to find a sponsor.


[professional poker players]

The whole table was left with Luo Xiaojie and the opposite eyeglasses. After 5 hours of confrontation,Luo Xiaojie's chip has been much more10 times. He will win twenty-five thousand yuan as long as he defeats the opposite side.


Open up the playing cards in hand, Luo Xiaojie quickly judged that the game could be played, and he chose ALL-in.The other side hesitated, followed. Both sides immediately put out the cards, Luo Xiaojie used only 0.2 seconds to figure out that his chances of winning up to 95.45%, as long as the next card is not J, he is the last winner.

The dealer sends out the last card, that is, J.


"This is called Bad Beat." Luo Xiaojie said, "this term refers to the probability that the probability will prevail, but the small probability event will result in failure. It took me 5 hours to turn the chips in my hands 10 times.But because Bad Beat lost all the results in 3 minutes, but my game is no problem, because in the probability that the last game should be my win, in the long run I can still be profitable.


At college, Roger met Texas poker through a roommate who grew up in the United States and quickly mastered the card game. "At that time, mainly in the Pokerstar and other foreign online platforms to fight, to fight a few dollars. At that time, I spent 1500 yuan a month and earned 3000 yuan by playing poker.


"Dezhou poker is almost popular in China since 2011, when Beijing's Dezhou poker circle was very good, because the game was passed out from the country. It was very fashionable, both old and girls were playing Dezhou poker, and attracted a lot of high-end people." 


In Texas Poker Circle, players like Luo Xiaojie and Liu Hongwei are called "sharks" and their counterparts are "fish".


After the table is set up, you must quickly find out the fish. If you can't find it, you are the fish. Luo Xiaojie said that now many skilled in probability calculation professionals to play Texas poker, hoping to be small and big, to win the prize. "For example, the last time I lost my glasses by Bad Beat was the Mathematics Department of University. Some of my friends even gave up their work of 30 thousand yuan a month for full-time playing cards. The most amazing buddies earn an average of more than 100 thousand yuan per month in a year.


But poker players in Texas

 need to shoulder huge losses and win the ability to accept such winning and losing. Luo Xiaojie's highest winning record is to win 8000 yuan a day, even if he wins a month, it will count 240 thousand yuan a month. The worst record is to lose a chip worth 270 thousand yuan in 3 hours.


Some of them take part in private poker games, and they will win the game with poker cheating tools.For example, using some invisible ink marked card, the ordinary naked eye can't see the tag behind the poker card. only a special contact lens can be used to see the back mark of the poker.Some are poker analyzers, and poker analyzer is a mobile phone with a poker camera installed inside.  Using poker camera to scan poker can get the result of the game.