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Marked Cards PokerStars| Mikalai Pobal Became The 2nd EPT Double Crown

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The 2019 EPT Prague stop for the 5,300 Euro buy-in main event ended last night. Belarusian Mikalai Pobal won the Marked Cards PokerStars championship and became the second player to win the EPT Main Event double crown after Victoria Coren Mitchell. In 2012, he won the EPT Barcelona main event, with 1082 purchases in that event. The championship brought him 1,007,550 euros.

The number of participants in this event was even greater, reaching 1154. Pobal defeated Norbert Szecsi of Hungary in the heads-up and received the largest share of the 5,596,900 euro prize pool. The income was 1,005,600 euros, and Szecsi received 598,880 euros.
Marked Cards PokerStars|Mikalai Pobal

Marked Cards PokerStars Final table
1 Mikalai Pobal Belarus € 1,005,600 $ 1,118,277
2 Norbert Szecsi Hungary € 598,880 $ 665,985
3 Ricardo Da Rocha Brazil € 421,450 $ 468,673
4 Gaby Livshitz Israel € 316,780 $ 352,275
5 Tomas Paiva Portugal € 241,230 $ 268,260
6 Luke Marsh United Kingdom € 177,420 $ 197,300
7 Laurent Michot France € 134,610 $ 149,693
8 Dietrich Fast Germany € 96,100 $ 106,868
9 Gab Yong Kim South Korea € 74,770 $ 83,148
Pobal was a former international economics graduate student, and after winning this time, he ranked fourth in the Belarusian historical prize list.
Marked Cards PokerStars|Final table

At the start of the third level of the day, there were 4 players. The former champion Pobal had only 12 big blinds. He first defeated Livshitz's QQ with AK and doubled it. After half an hour Livshitz got the TT. QQ beat him.
A few minutes later, Pobal hit SET 10 on the river and defeated Livshitz's top pair, with more chips than Livshitz.

Then Pobal ushered in the most crucial hand of the game. In the 3-bet pre-flop pot, his AA played against Livshitz's AQ. Livshitz hit the top pair on the flop. Both sides played and Livshitz was out. Won the fourth place.
Ricardo Da Rocha from Brazil has always had medium chips in the last two days, and in the three-game match he has the shortest chip, Szecsi got four, Da Rocha paid the other's bet, he then got AJ all, Szecsi's AQ called and no one hit the public board and Da Rocha was out.

Both heads-up sides have more than 100 big blinds. Both sides made a brief agreement to distribute the bonus, but there was no result. Here comes the hand that determines the game's trend:

Norbert Szecsi got 8d4s, opened the button to 400,000, Mikalai Pobal's Td7c called.
The flop came Th 7d 5s, Pobal hit two pairs, checked and called 600,000.
On 2h of the turn, Pobal continued to check and call 1.8 million, and Szecsi had Kashun Zhao.

On the river 9d, Pobal checked for the third time, Szecsi bet 5 million, Pobal second call. This hand hit Szecsi hard.

After this hand Pobal got an advantage of more than 4: 1, Pobal then got KK to defeat the opponent's 88 win.Marked Cards PokerStars

Marked Cards PokerStars

Marked Cards PokerStars
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