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Marked Cards WSOP|Erik Gorman Won The Cherokee Main Championship

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The 2019 Marked Cards WSOP Tour North Carolina Cherokee Main Event ended last night. The $ 1,700 buy-in event was attended by 1,000 people, with a total prize pool of $ 1.515 million, a significant breakthrough of the $ 1 million deposit. The final winner was Erik Gorman, who won his first Marked Cards WSOP tour ring and a $ 260,480 championship prize.

"It's beautiful. Very beautiful. Feeling happy and excited." Gorman said in an Marked Cards WSOP interview after the game. "Really come true."
Marked Cards WSOP|Erik Gorman

In addition to bonuses and trophies, the 43-year-old glassblower also earned 960 CardPlayer Player of the Year points, which is his second time this year to get the leaderboard points.
There were 15 players on the last day. Gorman was the shortest stack when he started the game. He doubled twice in the early stages and rushed to the middle position. He had already led the chip when the final table started. At the final table he and Randall Rothwell had a successful horse race. His TT won against his opponent AcJc. Rothwell won the ninth place and earned $ 26,304.
Ken Aldridge, owner of the WSOP gold bracelet, was subsequently out. His KK lost to Michael Kassem's AA and earned eighth place with a revenue of $ 33,098. Kassem then eliminated another gold bracelet owner, Kyle Cartwright (sixth place, $ 53,698).

Hannah Guthrie then got the AA and called Fikret Kovac (hand KcQc), Kovac hit Q, but it was not enough to defeat his opponent's AA, he earned fifth place with 69,920.
Shortly afterwards, Gorman got the TT and faced Ryan Jones' AJ. The public card didn't give anyone a boost. Jones made $ 91,459 in the fourth place.

Michael Kassem got QsTh shortly afterwards, and all the chips before the flop, Gorman's AcJh called, the public hand issued 6s3c2s6h7d, Gorman's A high card was enough to win the pot, Kassem won the third place and earned $ 120,770.
Gorman entered the heads-up with Hannah Guthrie with 17 million chips, which had 13 million chips. Hannah Guthrie took the lead and got the lead. once she was only one card away to win the Marked Cards WSOP championship-she hit the flush on the paired public cards, and Gorman held a pair, the river public card made three, Gorman Get the gourd and win.
After this hand Guthrie got As3s all-in, Gorman's AhQh called, the public hand KsQd6cThTd, Gorman's two pairs won, Guthrie's runner-up brought her $ 160,978.

Marked Cards WSOP Final table
1 Erik Gorman $ 260,480
2 Hannah Guthrie $ 160,978
3 Michael Kassem $ 120,770
4 Ryan Jones $ 91,459
5 Fikret Kovac $ 69,920
6 Kyle Cartwright $ 53,698
8 Ken Aldridge $ 33,098
9 Randall Rothwell $ 26,304

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