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Gambling Cheating News| Peter Jepsen Convicted of Online Poker Fraud

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A high-profile professional player from Denmark was found guilty by the Copenhagen City Court for fraud in online poker.
Peter Jepsen was successful before Black Friday and has a certain reputation in the circle. According to local media reports, he was sentenced to more than two years in prison and a fine of 3.5 million euros for placing Trojan horses on other players' computers within six years.
peter jepsen Gambling Cheating News

Gambling Cheating News from 2008 to 2014, Jepsen used various methods to invade the computers of other high-profile table players, especially in EPT events. He accesses other people's notebooks, and then installs the software. After installing the software, he can see the opponent's hole cards.

After being reported by several famous players, the Danish police prevented a five-year investigation and evidence collection. During the evidence collection, three witnesses proved that they were involved in fraud. Including two men and a woman, they admitted to participate in installing Jepsen's software on other players' computers.

In addition to Gambling Cheating News the sentence and fines, the government confiscated Jepsen ’s illegal income of $ 3.9 million, which he earned from his opponents through unfair advantages. Conventionally, three years ’imprisonment for such crimes under the local criminal law is routine, but the six-month sentence was removed from the original sentence, because according to the prosecutor, the investigation has been extended several times.

Jepsen had previously received sponsorship from Betfair. His online ID was "Zupp.", And his offline income was average, with only four offline bonus incomes, and his income was $ 604,458. He won the EPT Warsaw Championship in 2007, earning $ 415,679.

Jepsen has applied for parole.

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