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Marked Playing Cards Event| Zhou Yueyang Won The APT Taiwan Main Event

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Marked Playing Cards Event| Zhou Yueyang

The APT Taiwan Main Event Marked Playing Cards Eventended last night. Zhou Yueyang from China entered the final table with the third chip and eliminated five opponents in a row to win the championship. This is his first time winning an offline match, and this is also the last APT main game this year. The champion brought him 2,138,200 TWD (about US $ 70,000).
Marked Playing Cards Event
"I feel incomparable! At this time, I was playing in the main game for the first time in Taiwan!" He said in an Marked Playing Cards Event interview after the game.
Marked Playing Cards Event| Zhou Yueyang

Marked Playing Cards Event final table
1 Zhou Yueyang – China – NT $ 2,138,200
2 Hsiao Yun Yang – Taiwan, China – NT $ 1,425,500
3 Takao Shimizu – Japan – NT $ 991,000
4 Hwang Sang Yeon – Hong Kong, China – NT $ 715,800
5 Luke Kuang Hung Lee – Taiwan, China – NT $ 535,300
6 Hsu Piying – Taiwan, China – NT $ 413,100
7 Jeff Davis – United States – NT $ 328,100
8 Lau King Lun Alan – Hong Kong, China – NT $ 267,300
Marked Playing Cards Event final table review
Marked Playing Cards Event| APT Final table

Shortly after the start of the game, Hsu Piying aka Billy (No. 2) doubled from Hsiao Yun Yang (No. 1) with the second chip with K ♣ K ♠, which brought him to 20 big blinds. Hong Kong player Lau King Lun Alan (position 3) was not so lucky. His KQ lost to chip leader Hwang Sang Yeon's A7 and was eliminated in eighth place. 
Marked Playing Cards Event|APT Hwang Sang Yeon

Zhou Yueyang (No. 4) eliminated Jeff Davis (No. 6) from the United States at the Marked Playing Cards Event final table. The latter won the seventh place. Davis ’s K ♥ Q ♥ played against Zhou ’s A ♦ 9 ♣, and the public board dealt 8 ♠ 5 ♥ Q ♠ A ♣ 4 ♣. After that, his K ♣ 10 ♣ went all-in on the 9 ♣ 4 ♣ K ♠ flop, Hwang's K ♥ Q had better kicking, calling, and the 5 ♦ river K ♦ Billy won In sixth place, Hwang took the chip lead.

Lee leads the 5-player game

The five-player match lasted 3.5 hours. Luke Kuang Hung Lee (No. 5) doubled twice in a row. He first hit A with Hsiao's 66 to get a double. After a few hands, Lee's A ♥ Q faced Hwang's A ♣ K ♥, the public card dealt K ♦ 8 ♦ 7 ♣ 4 ♦ 10 ♦, Lee hit the flush and doubled again.
Marked Playing Cards Event|APT Lee

However, Lee ’s limelight did not last long, his K7 lost to Hsiao ’s AA, and then his QT played against Zhou ’s A ♥ 6 ♠, the public card was issued 2 ♠ 10 ♣ 9 ♠ 7 ♦ A ♦, Zhou River A eliminated Lee.

Zhou won the Marked Playing Cards Event championship

Hwang won the fourth place, his A6 played against Zhou's JT, and the community handed K ♥ 4 ♥ 9 ♠ J ♠ 2 ♦. In the match, Hsiao ’s AJ played against Shimizu ’s 86, and the public card dealt 4 ♦ 9 ♠ A ♠ 7 ♣ 3 ♣. Shimizu had very few chips and got A8. Zhou ’s AA called out and eliminated him. Go heads-up.

Marked Playing Cards Event|APT Zhou
Zhou entered the heads-up with a chip advantage close to 10: 1, Hsiao doubled twice, and even got a straight flush for the second time, but soon the game ended, the final hand, Zhou slipped in, Hsiao checked, Hsiao continued Three shots, the public A ♣ Q ♦ 3 ♥ 10 ♣ 2 ♦, the river Hsiao all-in, Zhou's A ♠ Q ♠ calls, Hsiao's hand Q ♣ 3 ♠, two pairs, the game is over.

Marked Playing Cards Event|APT

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