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Marked Cards WPT|Milen Stefanov Won The Rolling Stone Open Championship

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This Wednesday evening, at the Seminole Rolling Stones Casino in Hollywood, Florida, the Belgian player Milen Stefanov won the Rolling Stone Poker Open championship, reaping his first Marked Cards WPT event title and a $ 545,070 prize.
Marked Cards WPT Miles Stefanov

Stefanov stood at the end of the 988 players. The total prize pool exceeded 3.1 million US dollars. 124 people entered the money circle. The well-known players who entered the money circle include Scott Clements, Anthony Zinno, Julien Martini, James Calderaro, Matt Glantz and Aaron Mermelstein.
Milen Stefanov's road to Marked Cards WPT championship.

Milen Stefanov entered the fourth day of the game with the fourth stack. He continued his excellent operation and led the game at the end of the day.

However, it takes luck to win the championship. In the game against Francis Anderson, both sides are AK non- flush. Before the flop, the pot exceeded 7 million. In about 98% of the cases, the pot will be evenly divided. However, the community dealt four hearts and Milen Stefanov's Heart A got the key pot.

At almost the same time, the small SET of chip leader Fabian Gumz at the start of the final table lost to the opponent's big SET, and then the opponent of one hand hit one of the three shots to beat him to only 2 big. Blind, but he doubled in a row and broke into the heads-up all the way.

Anderson's previous fourth hand at the final table defeated Stefanov's 77 defeat with KQ, and shortly thereafter he made $ 111,895 in sixth place.

At the start of the heads-up, Stefanov had a 5: 1 chip advantage, and Gumz once took the lead, but Stefanov soon took the initiative in his own hands. Shortly after that Fabian Gumz chose to bluff on two pairs of public cards, Stefanov's Q high call and saw through Fabian Gumz's bluff, Gumz only had a few big blinds. Then Stefanov's high all-a-card was played, Gumz called, and the public hand dealt an A. The game ended.
WPT Seminole Rolling Stone Club Open Final Table Marked Cards WPT

    Milen Stefanov $ 545,070
    Fabian Gumz $ 353,380
    David Novosel $ 260,845
    Roman Korenev $ 194,605
    Cesar Fuentes $ 146,760
    Francis Anderson $ 111,895

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