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Marked Cards Poker|Antonio Saez Zamorano Won The Golden Poker Millions

Marked Cards Poker
The Gold Poker Millions Cyprus Main Event ended last night. The 800-euro buy-in main event guarantees 1 million euros. The final winner was Antonio Saez Zamorano. He and Spanish player David Comeron agreed to distribute the prize money. Both parties received A bonus of 164,000 euros.

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Marked Cards Poker|Anto<em></em>nio Saez Zamorano

Comeron entered the heads-up with a weak lead. Marked Cards Poker Zamorano quickly reversed the situation. Soon after the two sides reached an agreement, Zamorano led the chip and became an officially recognized champion. Iranian player Milad Oghabian from the Netherlands won third place with a revenue of 74,000 euros. Nine players from the final table came from 8 countries.
The event attracted 1,178 purchases, set up six initial match days, and the final table players received at least 13,200 euros.

Final table Marked Cards Poker

1 Antonio Saez Zamorano Andora € 164,000 * $ 181,564 *
2 David Comeron Spain € 164,000 * $ 181,564 *
3 Milad Oghabian Iran € 74,000 $ 81,925
4 Ruslan Bakhtiev Russia € 47,600 $ 52,698
5 Seref Dursun Anar Turkey € 35,200 $ 38,970
6 Alexey Romanov Russia € 26,400 $ 29,227
7 Samiyel Duzgun Switzerland € 19,900 $ 22,031
8 Vladyslav Pohribnyi Ukraine € 16,400 $ 18,156
9 Shlomi Shimoni Israel € 13,200 $ 14,614

* Protocol distribution bonus
Marked Cards Poker Golden poker final table

Final table Marked Cards Poker

Zamorano entered the final table with a chip lead, followed by Switzerland's Samiyel Duzguna and Russian player Ruslan Bakhtiev. The final table players had relatively deep stacks, with an average of 65 big blinds, but soon someone was out. In the second hand, Comeron's AA played against Shlomi Shimoni's KK and Vladyslav Pohribnyi's JJ won, knocking out two opponents in one hand. 

However, the pace of the game slowed down afterwards. A few hours later, Comeron ’s AA played against Duzgen ’s 88 and eliminated his opponent. Shortly thereafter, Comeron won the fourth head – he eliminated short-stack player Alexey Romanov (sixth place).

The hand that happened shortly thereafter was dramatic: Short-stack player Anar got KJ for a 3-bet all-in, was called by Cameron's K8, and Zamorano's AA also called. After checking on the 9-high public board, Zamarano took the lead again.

Comeron then eliminated Bakhtiev (fourth place), his KK defeated his opponent's AK, and Cameron led again. Milad Oghabian was later out, his AK lost to Cameron's KQ, who hit Q on the flop.

Anto<em></em>nio Saez Zamorano|David Comeron Golden Poker
Marked Cards Poker
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