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Marked Cards WSOP Event| Shivan Abdine Won WSOP International Tour

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The WSOP International Tour AUD 5000 buy-in challenge lasted for two days. Local player Shivan Abdine won the championship and earned AUD 260,000 (USD 175,980). There were 203 buy-ins in the event, and he defeated Adrian Attenborough in the final heads-up.
Marked Cards WSOP Event| Shivan Abdine

Abdine won a career high this time, before he won a prize of $ 90,842 in a game in Las Vegas in 2016. After this win, his offline prizes exceeded one million US dollars, climbing from 59th to 48th in the Australian historical prize list (data source The Hendon Mob).Marked Cards WSOP Event

"It feels good. I have gone far in the game many times before, but I didn't win the championship-it always is, but today's situation has become very smooth." He said in an interview after the game.

WSOP Tour Sydney $ 5,000 buy-in challenge final table Marked Cards WSOP Event
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1 Shivan Abdine Australia AU $ 260,000 $ 175,980
2 Adrian Attenborough Australia AU $ 160,610 $ 108,710
3 Marc Camphausen Germany AU $ 115,970 $ 78,495
4 Michael Doumani Australia AU $ 85,170 $ 75,650
5 Ehsan Amiri Australia AU $ 63,630 $ 43,070
6 James Obst Australia AU $ 48,350 $ 32,725
7 Honglin Jiang New Zealand AU $ 37,350 $ 25,280
8 Charlie Hawes New Zealand AU $ 29,330 $ 19,850
9 George Mitri Australia AU $ 23,400 $ 15,840
Marked Cards WSOP Event Final table

Race review Marked Cards WSOP Event

There were 21 people in the tournament and 15 people at the start of the next day. It took 45 minutes to produce the 9-man final table. Abdine led with 1 million chips, George Mitri had 929,000, and other players had less than 600,000 chips.

It took two hours to play the final table before the first player was eliminated. Mitri got an AQ total of 440,000. Camphausen's KK called and eliminated Mitri.
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Then New Zealand player Charlie Hawes was eliminated, he got the AT flush and faced Abdine's raise to open the pool and chose to raise all, waiting for the latter's QQ. Shortly afterwards, Jiang failed in the flip game and his AK lost to Abdine's JJ.

Abdine continued to dominate the game, shortly after eliminating well-known player James Obst, his 77 defeated Obst's AT. After another level, Attenborough's 98 flush hit the flush and defeated Amiri's AA, winning Amiri's last 10 big blinds, and Amiri won fifth place. Marked Cards WSOP Event
James Obst Marked Cards WSOP Event

Of the remaining four players at the time, Abdine and Attenborough were big chip players, while Doumani and Camphausen had fewer chips. Although they got a double from Attenborough, Doumani did not go further. Attenborough got a QQ raise to open the pool. Doumani went all-in in the small blind 3-BET with AT, and Attenborough hit mid-second CALL to eliminate Doumani. Marked Cards WSOP Event

Camphausen didn't get out of the game afterwards. In the blind battle, he and Abdine scored the whole game. Although the K9 hand is slightly better than Abdine's Q4, the latter hit the Ming San flop and Camphausen hit the turn. 9. The river card didn't help him, the game went into heads-up.

After the heads-up began, Attenborough and Abdine decided to decide the championship ownership by not seeing all the cards. After seven flips, Abdine's 23 flush flush defeated Attenborough's J6 non- flush flush and took the championship.

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