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Marked Cards News|WPT Champion Dennis Blieden Allegedly Invaded $22 Million

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After going through two trials, WPT champion Dennis Blieden may face up to 22 years in federal prison.
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Dennis Blieden won the WPT Los Angeles Classic last year and earned $ 1 million. Last July, he was charged with 11 telecommunications frauds, one identity theft and two misappropriation charges.

Marked Cards News Dennis Blieden

Dennis Blieden, 30, from Cincinnati, pleaded guilty to telecommunications fraud and identity theft in the Federal Court of Los Angeles. These allegations stem from Blieden ’s tenure as Vice President of Accounting and Finance at StyleHaul.

StyleHaul is a Los Angeles-based Internet marketing company that operates "influencer" channels on YouTube and Instagram. Blieden was accused of controlling the company's finances and embezzling $ 22 million.Marked Cards News

According to the court allegations, during his tenure Blieden forged wire transfers from Western Union to make it appear to be used to pay customers' money, but in fact Blieden left the money to himself.
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According to the U.S. Department of Justice, Brighton issued a personal check of $ 1.2 million to other poker players, a credit card check of $ 1.1 million, and purchased cryptocurrency for another $ 8.4 million, with the rest used for personal expenses , Including his high stakes.

Last year Blieden told Card Player that he planned to participate in the $ 300,000 Super Bowl High Roller. Blieden was arrested in Las Vegas and extradited to Southern California. The 11 charges that Blieden initially faced may be imprisoned for up to 200 years. The maximum sentence he faces now is 22 years in prison, but with reference to other similar cases, his sentence may be much shorter.Marked Cards News

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