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Marked Playing Cards WSOP | Rick Troendly Won The WSOP Tour Championship

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The WSOP Tour Aruba Station's $ 1,700 buy-in main event ended last night. The final table rhythm was fast. Rick Troendly ruled the final table and became the biggest winner among 269 players, earning his first WSOP tour ring And a $ 95061 bonus, and a ticket to the 2020 Global Casino Championship.Marked Playing Cards WSOP
Marked Playing Cards WSOP | Rick Troendly

Troendly is an entertainment player who entered the main game with a $ 100 satellite game ticket. Three players remained in the game 12 hours ago, and Troendly was a short stack player. "I need to double it." At that time he said to a friend.
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Troendly got the AA and knocked out an opponent shortly afterwards. At the final table, he was called a "flush boy" because he eliminated four people at the final table, three of whom lost to his flush.

Troendly entered with a 3: 1 advantage and Matt Russel's heads-up, with less than 10 hands, the two sides invested all the chips, Russell hit the top pair + strong kick on the flop, and Troendly replayed the trick – Still a flush flop, Russell turned two pairs and kept the net, but the river card did not help him, and Russell received a runner-up income of $ 58,000.

Troendly received the highest career bonus this time. He mainly played cash games and small tournaments in the California area, and sometimes went to Las Vegas to play cards.Marked Playing Cards WSOP

Final table
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1 Rick Troendly US $ 95,061
2 Matt Russell United States $ 58,573
3 Alexander Orlov Russia $ 41,531
4 Clyde Hinton United States $ 29,900
5 Friman Villalona United States $ 21,930
6 Benjamin Freeman United States $ 16,394
7 Michael Hanson United States $ 12,494
8 Andrew Hills United Kingdom $ 9,712
9 Craig Trost United States $ 7,703
Garry Gates Marked Playing Cards WSOP

Final table review Marked Playing Cards WSOP

When entering the 10-person unofficial final table, the player's game style was very tight. Alon Eldar was eliminated in the tenth place. His chips were too small and he was forced to play. The small blind player called and beat him. After that, the most experienced Craig Trost on the table had a bad luck at the final table and was the first to get out, winning the ninth place.

Shortly afterwards, the British player Andrew Hills' QQ lost to Friman Villalona's KK and finished eighth. Michael Hanson once had a lot of chips, but he never got a good hand at the final table. In the end, he and Troendly were all on the flop. The latter hit the flush on the turn and Hanson set 8 on the flop. However, he didn't hit the gourd on the river card and was eliminated in the seventh place.

The six-person table played for nearly an hour. Benjamin Freeman still had 8 big blinds and got KJ all in. However, Russel's AK called and the public card did not reverse Freeman.

Shortly thereafter, Villalona tried to bluff Troendly with a high amount of bluffs. He got a low pair, and Troendly's top pair call took this high amount of pot. At this time, Troendly has already obtained a large chip advantage.

Russell eliminated Clyde Hinton (fourth place) shortly thereafter, and both sides hit the center pair + straight sign on the flop.

Alexander Orlov is the second-largest chip. He hit the top pair against Troendly straight + flush flush on the flop. Troendly hit the flush and eliminated Orlov (third place). Russell and Troendly entered Heads-up.
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Garry Gates, who finished fourth in this year's WSOP Main Event, entered the money circle this time, while Adam Cedric, Heather Alcorn, Debbie Hinton, Jason James, Ray Henson, and Kristy Arnett also won prizes.Marked Playing Cards WSOP

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