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Marked Cards Partypoker News | Adrian Mateos Won Offline Millionaire Championship

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The 25-year-old Adrian Mateos is still young, but has been famous for many years. Last night, he won another heavyweight championship-PartyPoer offline million championship Bahamas station, with a huge prize of $ 1162805. The last three players reached a bonus distribution agreement, and the final hand of the game was also very dramatic.Marked Cards Partypoker News
Marked Cards Partypoker News | Adrian Mateos

On the third and final day, 24 players participated. The game was held at the Bahamas Hotel in Nassau. The partypoker professional team member Ludovic Geilich led the chip, and Mateos followed closely. The US dollar buys the Hawker Championship and earns US $ 520,464.
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Alex Foxen, Philipp Gruissem and former WSOP Main Event champion Ryan Riess, as well as Peter Jetten, Chris 'Big Huni' Hunichen and many other masters are chasing the $ 1.35 million championship prize, and the top 24 players have locked a minimum of 50,000 Dollar bonus.

Scotsman Geilich's ranking was fixed at the 14th place. His AA was defeated by opponents, and his income was 65,000 US dollars, followed by Riess and Foxen, both of which received a prize of 80,000 US dollars.Marked Cards Partypoker News

Gruissem became the final table bubble player, he also lost to the AA, he earned a ninth place income of 140,000 US dollars. Jetten won seventh place, he lost to Scott Wellenbach's QQ.

There were 3 Canadians at the final table, Wellenbach was one of them. He won the fourth place with a income of 650,000 US dollars. Mateos competed with two American players van Blarcum and Hunichen for the championship.

The last three players agreed to allocate bonuses, and Hunichen took the largest share, leaving the champion with $ 100,000.

Subsequent plot development proved the importance of Hunichen's decision, he lost to van Blarcum to get the third place, the game entered the heads-up.
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And the plot of the last hand is this: van Blarcum still has 13 big blinds in his hand, he chose not to see all the cards.

Mateos got a okay hand, and Van Blarcum obviously couldn't control T2 like Doyle Brunson.Marked Cards Partypoker News

Van Blarcum: 10 ♣ 2 ♥
Mateos: J ♣ 9 ♥
Community cards: 9 ♣ A ♠ 8 ♥ Q ♦ 6 ♥

Mateos said in an interview after winning the championship: This is very special. Before that was one of the biggest downturns in my career. So this is of great help in restoring faith. "

Final table Marked Cards Partypoker News
1 Adrian Mateos $ 1,162,805
2 Aaron Van Blarcum $ 970,000
3 Chris Hunichen $ 1,097,195
4 Scott Wellenbach $ 650,000
5 William Blais $ 500,000
6 Oleg Mandzjuk $ 350,000
7 Peter Jetten $ 250,000
8 Gregory Baird $ 180,000

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