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legend prediction method - one


Original address: numerology predicted by God 30 Author: passers-by


Every thing should be measured, top things, things should bo nine middle, late should things, for travel, for all is to seek for the master site, day disc for the guests.


1. for money


Look at the door down what house, Jetion will receive money or. There is a jinx for half. Good fortune for money door is favorable, Hugh prison is not available, will fall in bad money.


2. travel business

As to the party to travel by the merchant Sanqi jig, and five for dry years birthday is on the auspicious house.


3. transactions


The value of character for shopping, door to buy things, house owner for the door. The value of Ruosheng Palace door operator palace to buy, indicating favorable price. Door palace and the value of character house owner said. Miss it, its difficult to buy。 Such as the five elements said the matter has been sold if If the value of five line to Gongwu Wangxiang again Palace door, favorable to the seller. Five as to tho value of character Palace door Wuhang palace, beneficial to buyers. Those who want to buy things, to see the vendor side range, Kyrgyzstan Gecai To their advantage and disadvantage. Who want to sell something,to see the buyer side range, Kyrgyzstan Gecai to their advantage, fierce space against himself.


4. business partnerships


The site for capital side door, door plate house for day one man. Such as five sites, grams, five sets of days, indicating a partnership fails. Such as ’’five sets of land plate' ’’land five lines'" is also unfavorable, such as ’’day plate five lines, health site five lines/r, the partnership) is advantageous to the owner, such as site five row, born day plate five lines, the United States, all aspects are favorable.


5. shop opening


Open the door to the shop door, for profit, sun dried for store people, open the door, door and see on the stem was what tho lattice, and G comprehensive analysis according to the five statement.


6. Dun


As with the house value with BPS Tianyi Tongsheng Dun can all be Wuhang, like, g values match, the debtor is not yet, such as student injury value symbol g Tianyi Palace but if Wuhang, debt, student sentiment palace g values match, not yet, such as e will open to prisoners with Jiazi dry, the debt rate also, if the sentiment by Geng Xin Fu g value, or the value of character sentiment by butyl or join grams, the four house, there may he the officer.


7. fortune prediction


The corresponding Weifu Kun palace, the door is one star for Fuxing, Kyrgyzstan is a fierce, No


8. stock


To dry to dry for investors, dividends, to dry the house door fall to star as the rise, as to the palace to eight, close


9. good travel


The value of house Ji Shun, Shun is not fierce, see the principal and distance of eight. analyzer

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