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Gambling King Died, Who Will Succeed The 500 Billion Business Empire?


This legendary man, from noble to impoverished, then counterattacked into a generation of gambling king. He has a reputation for more than half a century. Although it is hard, he also has a beautiful life and writes many legends.

May 26 2020. Now at the age of 98, he said goodbye to the world. He is the most powerful and famous gambling king in the history of Macau gaming. After completing his life's legendary experience, he went to heaven.

gambling king

In fact, after falling into a coma in 2008, he spent most of his time in the hospital. During this period, there was much news of critical illness. His last public appearance was his birthday in November 2018.

He Hongshen, gambling king, has been interviewed by Chinese national leaders many times. He has participated in the Sino-British, Sino-Portuguese negotiations. As well as the return of Hong Kong and Macau to China. During his lifetime, he actively participated in the economic construction, cultural charity, and other causes of the mainland of China. At the same time, he made outstanding contributions to the development of Macau.Marked cards, infrared contact lenses, marked cards analyzer, cheat device

The tragic past of gambling king

In 1921, He Hongshen was born in a noble family in Hong Kong. Grandpa He Fu was one of the wealthy businessmen in Hong Kong at that time. According to public information, his grandfather worked as a comprador of Jardine House, Sassoon House, and served as a member of the Legislative Council (Legislative Council). His father, He Shiguang, also served as the comprador of Jardine's, and was a member of the Legislative Council and chairman of the Third House of East China.

Gambling king has Jewish, Dutch, British, and Chinese ancestry. According to the tradition of the He Dong family, the ancestral home follows Baoan, Guangdong, the matrilineal family. He believes that more than 70% of them are Chinese and typical Cantonese.

When the gambling king was 13 years old, his father broke into stocks and was forced to flee to Vietnam. His life has changed dramatically. In an exclusive interview with a reporter. He recalled: "At that time, there was no money to take a bus so I walked to school. And there was no money to pay for school, I could only rely on a scholarship."

Macau gambling king

The gambling king started to succeed

At the end of 1941, gambling king left Hong Kong for Macau with 10 Hong Kong dollars. At that time he was only 20 years old. Then he entered the work of Macao Lianchang Trading Company. Because of his fluent English, outstanding memory, and excellent communication skills. He soon became a competent player in the company. In 1943, using the dividend of 1 million Australian dollars, gambling king began to get involved in the kerosene and textile business. And founded the Macau Huoshui (kerosene) company.gambling king

However, his first venture was not smooth. In 1953, gambling king returned to Hong Kong sadly. Then he founded the Li'an Construction Company, engaged in real estate and construction business.gambling king

In 1972, the gambling king set up Sind Corporation in Hong Kong. It is mainly engaged in passenger transportation between Hong Kong and Macao, as well as catering and real estate. In this way, he controlled almost all passenger transportation between Hong Kong and Macau. The commercial territory of the gambling king continues to expand.gambling king

In the early 1990s, He Hongshen established a number of casinos such as the "Palace Casino" in Macau. In addition to the gaming industry, his industry also involves real estate, construction, shipping, investment and other fields. Meantime Hong Kong and Macau, his investment territory also includes Vietnam, North Korea, the Philippines, and Portugal.gambling king

500 billion business empire

After decades of hard work. He Hongshen has constructed a commercial map covering many industries including real estate, transportation, hotels, investment, gaming, and tourism. It owns many companies including SJM Holdings, Melco International, Sind Group, Macau International Airport Franchise Company, Ace International, Macau Chengxing Bank, and others. He controls up to 500 billion in assets and 70 billion in personal wealth.

The core enterprises of this huge business empire include SJM Holdings, Sind Group, and Melco International. As of press time, SJM Holdings, Sind Group, and Melco International rose 6.79% to HK $ 8.81, 21.09% to HK $ 3.10, and 5.45% to HK $ 15.08.

The three core companies mentioned above are currently taken over by the children of his second wife.gambling king

gambling king Macau

Power of the Prince of Gambling King

Specifically, Macau Gaming Co., Ltd. is engaged in casino business and gaming related business in Macau. For He Hongshen, who started the casino, SJM Holdings is the most central asset.gambling king

Today, He Chaofeng is the chairman and executive director of SJM Holdings. In June 2018, He Hongshen retired from SJM Holdings. He Chaofeng officially took over the company.

In addition to He Chaofeng, He Chaoqiong also occupies an extremely important position in the gambling king's commercial territory.

He Chaoqiong is known as the daughter of the most gambler. She serves as the managing director and executive director of Sind Group, another core company of the Hongshen family. And she is in charge of the group's strategic development and corporate management business.gambling king

The main business of Sind Group covers passenger transportation between Hong Kong and Macau, catering, real estate, hotels, tourism facilities management, investment, and other businesses. It was listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange in 1973. After years of development, its business scope has long been not limited to Hong Kong and Macau. In recent years, it has also distributed projects in Beijing, Zhuhai, Guangzhou and other places.gambling king

In 2018, Sindh and the Guo Henian family plan to invest the US $ 1.2 billion in medical projects in the Mainland. Because of "optimistic about the prospects of real estate development in the Mainland", Sindho throws 4.712 billion in December 2019. gambling king

Melco International is also mainly engaged in gaming, entertainment, shopping, and other businesses. Controlled by He Youlong. From May 18th to 20th, 2020, He Youlong continued to increase her holding of Melco International, with a total of 3.905 million shares and a total investment of approximately HK $ 56.0083 million. gambling king

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