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Cheat Poker WSOP|Alexandros Kolonias Won WSOP European Main Event

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The final table of the WSOP European Main Event ended. The champion was Alexandros Kolonias from Greece. At the age of 32, he changed the purchase fee of 10,35 million euros to 1,133,678 euros or 1,258,383 dollars. There were 541 participants in the event. Cheat Poker WSOP

"I'm a bit ignorant ... I haven't fully realized what happened. At the beginning I was very happy with my game style." Kolonias said in an interview with the WSOP after the game. "When there are 4 people, there is a level that is not very good, but then the game develops in a direction that benefits me."Marked cards, infrared contact lenses, marked cards analyzer, cheat device

Kolonias previously focused mainly on online games. His "mexican222" online ID earned more than US $ 3 million in prize money. After this win, his offline income exceeded US $ 3.6 million, which made him the Greek winner The player with the most bonuses.

He reached the final table twice this year. In May of this year, he won the fourth place at the partypoker's Millionaire North American Main Event and earned $ 273,800.Cheat Poker WSOP
Cheat Poker WSOP | Alexandros Kolo<em></em>nias

This year's number of participants ranked second in history. In 2011, 593 people participated in the European Main Event. This year's 541 purchases resulted in a 5,139,500 euro (US $ 5,710,087) bonus, and 82 people entered the money circle.Cheat Poker WSOP

Julien Martini, owner of the WSOP bracelet, won the seventh place and earned a prize of $ 146,359. Martini won the runner-up in the PokerStars Infinite Texas Hold'em Championship, which he bought for $ 25,000 this year, with a revenue of $ 2.974 million.

In 2015, WSOP Player of the Year Anthony Zinno took the lead at the start of the 6-man final table. With two WSOP bracelets and three WPT main event champions, he started the game with 84 big blinds, and Kolonias is the second largest chip. Players, there are 61 big blinds.

In 2017, WSOP bought the unlimited Texas Hold'em headhunting champion Rifat Palevic for $ 1,000 and won the sixth place. He got Kh2d all 10 big blinds in the small blind. Anh Do in the big blind called with QQ and Palevic failed to achieve the reverse Attacked and won the sixth place.

However, Do did not go too far. His QQ lost to JJ of Dario Sammartino, the runner-up of the 2019 WSOP main event. After that, he had little chips left. His Kh9h lost to Claas Segebrecht's KK out.Cheat Poker WSOP

Sammartino entered the final table of the European Main Event after finishing the runner-up in the summer. After he got AhKh, he made all 7.5 big blinds and Jege Tc of Segebrencht called. With the flop of A, Segebrecht won. The Italian Sammartino won 379,289 prizes (fourth place) and received 1050 points. He is currently ranked seventh in the CardPlayer Player of the Year standings with a total score of 4800 points. And his bonus income exceeded 6.6 million US dollars.Cheat Poker WSOP Marked Cards Poker News, infrared marked cards, infrared contact lenses, barcode marked cards analyzer

Anthony Zinno is very close to his third WSOP gold bracelet, but the American professional player failed to go further. He got Ad9c in the big blind and faced the opponent's raise. He chose to 3-bet all. The previously raised Kolonias called at the button position JdTh, the public hand issued Qh Jc 6s 8c Kc, Kolonias's victory against J, and Zinno won third place with $ 538,673. This is also his seventh final table this year.

Kolonias entered the heads-up with less than 3: 2 chip advantage against Claas Segebrecht. In the end, the two sides made a full pre-flop. Kolonias got AsKs in the small blind and raised to 1.2 million. Segebrecht directly made 23.2 million. He handed 3d3c and Kolonias called.

The community cards Kc Qd 2s Js 5s and Kolonias' backdoor nut flush flush won.

Final table
1 Alexandros Kolonias $ 1,258,383
2 Claas Segebrecht $ 777,709
3 Anthony Zinno $ 538,673
4 Dario Sammartino $ 379,289
5 Anh Do $ 271,565
6 Rifat Palevic $ 197,770
7 Julien Martini $ 146,539
8 Jakob Madsen $ 110,506
9 Marek Blasko $ 84,840

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