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Marked Cards WSOP|Kahle Burns Won The European Platinum High Roller

The Marked Cards WSOP Europe continued to be held at the King ’s Casino in Roswaldov, Czech Republic. Last night, professional player Kahle Burns from Australia got his first gold bracelet. From Melbourne, he bought “Platinum Hawker” for 25,500 Euros Won the championship, earning a prize of $ 662,540.

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The event attracted 83 buy-ins, he said in an interview after the game. "For me, this gold bracelet is one of the goals on the wish list. I must not return empty-handed when I leave poker. From the reputation of winning a gold bracelet, I feel that I won the next (gold bracelet ) Is great. But at the same time, anyone can win a gold bracelet, which is not a necessary condition to prove that you are a good player. I participated in the 25,000 buy-in competition, there are many powerful players. "

Burns said it was true, the 8-person final table member's offline bonus record exceeded 67.8 million US dollars, and there were 4 WSOP gold bracelets.  
Marked Cards WSOP|Kahle Burns

On the last day of the competition, there were 6 players. Alex Foxen was out first. He got all 12 big blinds of QsJd. In 2012, the AcJs of Sam Trickett, the champion of the drip charity, called. Foxen was completely suppressed and did not reverse He earned $ 106,518 in sixth place, and more than $ 12.7 million in prize money for offline events.

In 2012, Marked Cards WSOP Unlimited Texas Hold'em four-time table champion Tim Adams was subsequently eliminated. His AdKc defeated Trickett's 88 and was eliminated, earning a fifth place with a income of $ 142,442. He ranked third in the history of Canada's bonus list with $ 18,258,108.

Trickett continued his fiery state. His KsKh played against Hakim Zoufri's AdTh and Burns' 8s5s. The trio were all pre-flop. Trickett's KK was very strong and eliminated Zoufri (fourth place). The latter received a $ 196,539 prize. 
Marked Cards WSOP EVENT

Trickett has the chip advantage in a three-player match against his opponents Burns and this year's Marked Cards WSOP Main Event champion Hossein Ensan. The main event champion was quickly involved in the pre-flop all-match game. He got a KhQs raise and opened the pool with 25 big blinds, and then called Burns' all-in. An Ace was enough to win Burns, and Ensan won third place with $ 279,539.

Marked Cards WSOP

Burns entered with a chip advantage of about 5: 3 and Trickett's heads-up, both sides are working hard for their first Marked Cards WSOP gold bracelet. Trickett struggled to catch up and got a weak chip advantage, when the game ushered in the most critical hand.

Burns raised QsQd to 1 million, Trickett raised AdQh to 5 million, Burns subsequently raised to 12.5 million, and Trickett moved 42 million! Burns called!

The community handed out Jc 9h 2d 4h 4s, Burns won the high pot, and Tricket only had two big blinds, and then out of the hand, the income was $ 409,478.

Final table
1 Kahle Burns $ 662,540
2 Sam Trickett $ 409,478
3 Hossein Ensan $ 279,539
4 Hakim Zoufri $ 196,539
5 Tim Adams $ 142,442
6 Alex Foxen $ 106,518
7 Anton Morgenstern $ 82,270
8 Robert Campbell $ 65,700

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