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Cheat Poker WSOP|Chin Wei Lim Won The European High Roller Championship

Chin Wei Lim entered the final table at the Cheat Poker WSOP European Championship 120-100,000 Euros Buying Infinite Texas Hold'em Diamond High Roller which ended last night. With his dominant performance, he won the championship and earned his first gold bracelet and 2,172,104 Euro bonus. In the heads-up he defeated Jean-Noel Thorel, who earned 1,342,459 euros. There were 34 participants in the event, and the total buy-in reached 72.

A few days ago, Lim bought the Hawker Race at 250,000 Euros and won the runner-up. The champion of that game was James Chen. The runner-up brought Lim a prize of 1,757,857 euros. In an interview after the game, he said:

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"To be honest, I feel very surreal. I have been losing, losing, losing. This time is too smooth. There is nothing to complain about. There are too many strong players in the 250,000 game, and the runner-up can do nothing, even The failure to win this time also gave me confidence. Everything is going smoothly today. I know I ’m lucky – many people are robbing me. I did n’t encounter too many difficult decisions today, and I took the fourth spot At the beginning, the chips are very deep. I thought it would take a long time to finish, but in fact it took six hours to finish. It was amazing. "

Cheat Poker WSOP Chin Wei Lim

Event # 12: 100,000 Euros to buy Diamond High Roller Cheat Poker WSOP final table

Rank Player Country or Region Bonus (Euro) Bonus (USD)
1 Chin Wei Lim Malaysia € 2,172,104 $ 2,395,244
2 Jean-Noel Thorel France € 1,342,459 $ 1,480,370
3 Anatoly Filatov Russia € 907,301 $ 1,000,508
4 Christoph Vogelsang Germany € 633,336 $ 698,399
5 Matthias Eibinger Austria € 457,107 $ 504,066
6 Ole Schemion Germany € 341,510 $ 376,593
7 Danny Tang Hong Kong, China € 264,440 $ 291,606
8 Phil Ivey US € 212,504 $ 234,335

Lim is a regular visitor to legendary poker events, and often appears in high-value cash games around the world. After the game he said: "seriously, the Asian team won this time!"

Cheat Poker WSOP Final table review

Phil Ivey, holding ten gold bracelets, reached the final table, but he was out on the first hand of the last day. His A5 lost to Christoph Vogelsang's 66.

After 30 minutes, Tang got the AK all-in. The previous raiser Matthias Eibinger called JJ and eliminated Tang.

After another 10 minutes Ole Schemion hand A9 all-in, Anatoly Filatov hand KK called, the public hand failed to help Schemion, he won sixth place.

Lim became a short stack at this time, but quickly doubled from Vogelsang. His 66 hit the SET on the flop and his opponent hit two pairs. This hand put him in second place before the first break. Bit.

After the break, Thorel took control of the game. With continuous bluffing, effective value betting, and a smooth playing style, he became the chip leader.

Lim eliminated Eibinger at this time and continued to remain second in the chip stack.

Cheat Poker WSOP Thorel

Before the second break, Vogelsang fell into 12 big blinds, when he got A3 all-in, Lim's AJ called and eliminated Vogelsang. The game entered a three-player match.

The chip leader Filatov's chips continued to fall the next day. He also got A3 all-in. Thorel's KT called and the 10 flop brought the game to the heads-up.

The heads-up only lasted for 4 hands, and the two sides had almost the same chips. Lim took the lead in the first hand, and the game quickly ushered in the last hand.

Thorel's hand AX checked and called two streets in a row, bluffing on the river and checking all raises! However, Lim had a gourd in hand, and after a little thinking, he called and won the Cheat Poker WSOP game.

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