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Marked Cards WSOP|Leon Tsoukernik Won The Short-roll High Roller Championship

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Last night's King Rosvardov Casino in the Czech Republic, the 2019 Marked Cards WSOP event 6: 25500 euros to buy the short-roll high-roller game ended, Siamak Tooran won the Marked Cards WSOP championship income of 740,996 euros. In the same event bought at 100,000 euros, many stars gathered, and finally the owner of the casino Leon Tsoukernik won the game at home.

Marked Cards WSOP|Leon Tsoukernik

111 people participated in the 25,500-euro short-buy event. The total prize pool reached 2,636,250 euros. Siamak Tooran from Germany defeated Thai Ha in the heads-up and won his first Marked Cards WSOP bracelet and career best result It is also the second short-card event in WSOP history. WSOP's first short card game was held in Las Vegas this summer. The championship belongs to Alex Epstein, and Ha also won the second place in that game.

Tooran has a similar experience to this year's WSOP main event champion Hossein Ensan. They are all Iranian descendants and both moved to Germany at the age of 11. At the age of 43, he currently lives in Göttingen, Germany. 
Marked Cards WSOP|Leon Tsoukernik

Final table

1 Siamak Tooran Germany € 740,996 $ 822,506
2 Thai Ha United States € 457,964 $ 508,340
3 Orpen Kisacikoglu Turkey € 323,553 $ 359,144
4 Netanel Amedi Israel € 230,807 $ 256,196
5 Besim Hot Switzerland € 166,258 $ 184,546
6 Rob Yong United Kingdom € 120,946 $ 134,250
7 Jonathan Depa United States € 88,861 $ 98,636
Phil Ivey Marked Cards WSOP

At the higher level of 100,000 Euros, a total of 29 people bought short-card events. The total prize pool reached 2.755 million Euros. 4 people entered the money circle. Ben Lamb was out in the bubble period. Phil Ivey eliminated him. After entering the money circle, both Cary Katz and Paul Phua were eliminated by Ivey. At the beginning of the heads-up, Ivey led the chip by a large margin, but Tsoukernik won three times and eventually won the championship by counterattack.

In the last hand, both sides put all their chips on the flop of K high + square flush, Tsoukernik has a 4: 1 lead, Tsoukernik's top SET against Ivey's KJ (top pair), the first on the turn Zhang Fei's flush A let Ivey's hope of getting a backdoor straight.

"Maybe I should only play in short-hand games." Tsoukernik said in an interview after the game that he entered the money circle in the previous 25,500 euros to buy short-hand games, but his little gourd encountered a stronger one. This victory earned him more than 1.1 million euros.

100,000 Euros to buy short-card match
Rank Player Country Prize (Euro) Prize (USD)
1 Leon Tsoukernik Czech Republic € 1,102,000 $ 1,223,220
2 Phil Ivey United States € 826,500 $ 917,415
3 Paul Phua Malaysia € 551,000 $ 611,610
4 Cary Katz United States € 275,500 $ 305,805

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