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Marked Playing Cards WPT | Josh Adkins Won The WPT For The First Time

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Josh Adkins’ Marked Playing Cards WPT journey was like a dream – he participated in the WPT for the first time, told his relatives and friends “I will win”, and then won the bestbet season in the 18th season of the Czech Republic’s bestbet. Adkins became the biggest winner among the 349 players, earning a prize of $331,480.
"The first time I played WPT, I said I would win, and I really won." Adkins said in an interview after the game. "It means a lot for me, not because of money, but because of me. I have worked very hard for the past seven years. It is incredible that such a fierce competition can win the championship."
Josh Adkins Wins Marked Playing Cards WPT bestbet
Marked Playing Cards WPT Final table
1: Josh Adkins – $331,480*
2: Tan Nguyen – $210,988
3: Josh Kay – $155,340
4: Jason Lee – $115,340
5: Jonathan Cronin – $87,170
6: Jeff Cunningham – $66,457
*The champion will receive another ticket worth $15,000 at the end of the season Marked Playing Cards WPT Championship  
Adkins reached the final table with second chip stack, just behind Josh Kay, and Kay eliminated Jeff Cunningham (sixth place) shortly after the start. He then eliminated Jonathan Cronin (fifth place).
Kay's momentum was very hot, and he later eliminated Jason Lee (fourth place) to bring the game to the short table match.
Kay used the chip advantage to continue to pressure, and once he got 9 million chips, while Adkins had less than 1.5 million, Tan Nguyen had 3.5 million.
Tan Nguyen, another player in the three-player game, challenged the chip leader at this time. Adkins found a chance to successfully double and make the chips of the three players almost equal. After that, Adkins defeated Kay in the key game. Kay only Less than one big blindness remains. Although Kay subsequently doubled twice, it did not last long.
Kay issued 7s3c3d on the last flop of the game. He put all his chips in Qd7h, Nguyen was 8c3h, and the turn card Js river was 5h. Kay was out.
When entering the heads-up, Adkins led the chip with 7.205 million, while opponent Nguyen was similar, with a chip volume of 6.715 million. The heads-up did not last long.
Adkins won a big pot and got a chip advantage of more than 2:1, after which the game ushered in the last hand.
Before the flop Adkins got AhQh all-in, Nguyen's AcKc called and flopped a QcJs2d, Adkins took the lead, the ace of spades 2, river plum 9 and Adkins won.

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