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The poker cheating card reader for barcode marked cards

seline;">The poker analyzer is a mobile phone and also called the poker cheating card reader. They installed cameras on the side of the phone, So you can put your cell phone on a desktop scan poker card. And people can’t see the camera on the side of the phone. 
seline;">Before delving into the inner workings of the device, here is a short demo of it in action to show you how fast and accurate it is at remotely reading cards. Note that I did a fair shuffle and drew the cards at random. There was no sleight of hand involved.

seline;">How do people use poker analyzer cheat in poker games? Poker analyzer is like a phone so that you can use poker analyzer smoothly in playing cards game, such as Omaha games, Texas game or Andar Bahar, etc. It can tell you who will win in the game or how to win the game.
seline;">However, to my surprise, the device, showcased in the picture above, far exceeded my expectations by being a fully functional phone with extra hardware dedicated to cheating. Also to my surprise, the device not only allows to cheat at Poker but to cheat at almost any kind of card games you can think of.
seline;">Using a modified phone as a cheating device offers the key advantage that it is impossible to tell that it is a cheating device unless you know what to look for. It is also a decent smartphone that can make phone calls and run all the apps you love.