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legend prediction method - Two

 10. futures


In order to make the value for the owner, to star as the cast, day day for disc.


11. missing persons


The sun is the missing person and the palace is the missing person. The door is the missing person and the person who is the person who tests the missing person.


12. lost


Open the door and dry when compared to dry for the lost people, open tho door for items, open the house is the house of goods.



13. travel alternative


To dry down tho palace for the direction of travel, Kyrgyzstan from tho palace to go, tho fiorco value of the road to go.


14., treat or not?


To match the value for the guests, Tianyi master, five grams of Health decided not Lo. Tianyi palace to match Gongwu Wuhang G.


15. business forecasting


Tho value of the fall on house, fierce, Kyrgyzstan Zegan.


16. accounting for rain


Tianzhu Tianying electric, day rain, wind rushed for auxiliary, day Lei, day Peng nonanoic decanoic water, open wound as mine, Hugh for rain, for the wind, Du for electricity, landscape as the dew, dead water, surprised rainbow. In order to determine the value of the two sets of values. Grams is broken, site not only day plate



17 accounts for clear


In the days of auxiliary for tho wind, fire doors, King day. Day, day, assisted by King door for the sunny palace have good fortune. Today the day is sunny and.


18. fame prediction


On the dry degree, the value of character for the examiner, Tianyi for examiner, such as tho value of character to five birthday yukikage Tianyi door dry, and good fortune, will obtain the family, Jimenji lodge in the year I meet people doing, italy. I look For dry Sanqi and Gehman big auspicious, easy name,


Although not the legend, who cannot be provided, and not the people will succeed in the end.



19. making friends


Take the day off, the pal ace for yourself,tho “dry” as a friend, "five lines of raw grams” and 〃what star, he said,.


20. average forecast


The value of character for the plaintiff,the defendant Tianyi, in order to open the door to a police officer, was to tho door for lawyers, grams, Wangxiang Hugh prison difference.


2l fishing forecasts


For the BFS fishing people, Jiayin GUI is net, shengkeology gains and losses, with good fortune on the amount of Hugh prison, Jiayin house house had no BFS grams, grams less analyzer and marked card

Some of them take part in private poker games, and they will win the game with poker cheating tools.For example, using some invisible ink marked card, the ordinary naked eye can't see the tag behind the poker card. only a special contact lens can be used to see the back mark of the poker.Some are poker analyzers, and poker analyzer is a mobile phone with a poker camera installed inside. Using poker camera to scan poker can get the result of the game.