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Marked Playing Cards WSOP | Jakub Oliva Won The Tour Roswaldov Main Event

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After more than 15 hours of fighting on the third day, the Marked Playing Cards WSOP Tour Czech Republic Rosładov Main Event final table match ended. Jakub Oliva won the championship. He defeated Toon Hanot in the heads-up and won 205,000 euros. A ticket for the WSOP European Main Event worth 10,350 Euros was obtained.
Half a year ago, Jakub Oliva won the third place in the main event of the Rosvadov tour, earning 90,350 euros, when Kabrhel won the championship. After this win, his bonus income exceeded US$500,000.
Also entering the final table were Grzegorz Wyraz and Andrei Makavets, who won the Marked Playing Cards WSOP Tour Mini Main Event two weeks ago, earning 120,850 euros and a WSOP European Main Event ticket.
Marked Playing Cards WSOP
Marked Playing Cards WSOP Final table
Rank Player Country Prize (Euro) Prize (USD)
1 Jakub Oliva Czech Republic € 205,000* $226,060
2 Toon Hanot Belgium € 123,500* $136,187
3 Andrei Makavets Belarus € 88,500* $97,592
4 Aliaksandr Shylko Belarus € 68,500* $75,537
5 Shay Rozenbaum Israel € 54,000* $59,547
6 Grzegorz Wyraz Poland € 42,000* $46,315
7 Alois Sprachta Czech Republic € 31,000* $34,185
8 Daniel Wendorf Austria € 21,200* $23,378
WSOP European Main Event tickets worth 10350 Euro
Marked Playing Cards WSOP final table
A total of 768 people participated in the event, which is also the record of the number of participants in the main event of the WSOP Tour held at the King Casino. 77 people entered the money circle and the minimum prize money was 3500 euros.
Anatoly Filatov enters the third day of the match from o<em></em>nline tournaments

Final table
Oliva and Rozenbaum had the most chips at the start of the 8-man final table and were also the most active players. Wendorf was out two hours after the match.
Wyraz subsequently suffered a series of blows and became a short stack, and was soon out. Rozenbaum's chips continued to decline, and he finally used KQ to lead Makatets' KT, but the turn was not good for him. He was eliminated in fifth place.
Another hour later, Shylko got A8 all-in, and Olive's AJ called out and knocked out Shylko. Makavets was eliminated by Hanot. His 97 all-in, Hanot's A7 called, the public card did not help anyone, Makvets was out.
The heads-up lasted less than 15 minutes. The last hand of the game, Hanot, got 8J. Oliva's hand, JT, made three flops. The two sides invested all the chips in the turn. The Hanot flop had a card draw. The card hit two pairs, but the river whiteboard, the game ended, Jakub Oliva won the championship.
Marked Playing Cards WSOP
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