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Marked Deck WPT | Nitis Udornpim Won WPT Maryland Main Event

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The WPT Maryland main event ended last night. A total of 495 people participated in the competition. Nitis Udornpim won the championship and earned $319,415 in prize money. This is his first offline major event.
Udornpim's opponent at the final table is the long-known Anthony Zinno. Zinno already holds three WPT Main Event titles. This is his seventh final table this year, but he is still behind Darren Elias, who has four crowns in hand. Won the fourth place.
Marked Deck WPT Final table
1 Nitis Udornpim United States $319,415*
2 Stephen Deutsch United States $202,905
3 Brian Altman United States $149,515
4 Anthony Zinno United States $111,415
5 Robert McLaughlin US $83,970
6 Jeffrey Colpitts US $64,020
Nitis Udornpim marked deck WPT
*Includes a Marked Deck WPT end-of-season championship ticket worth $15,000  
The event buy-in fee was US$3,500, and the total prize pool exceeded US$1.5 million. Christian Harder, Jake Bazeley, Joe McKeehen, Ryan D’Angelo, Shankar Pillai and Elias entered the money circle, and Elias won the 17th place.
Brian Altman led most of the final table, and when he entered the 9-person unofficial final table, he and Stephen Deutsch, the second chip stack, had more than 200 big blinds.
Udornpim is a short stack, but he eliminated three opponents in a row after the start of the game. He entered the final table with 31 big blinds.
Udornpim got the favor of the card god in the key hand after the start of the game, avoiding early outs. In the 48th hand of the final table, he only had less than 10 big blinds. He called another short-stack player Jeffrey Colpitts' all-in, handed AsJs, and the opponent's hand was KK, with 7 before the river. In the show, the river came with an ace, Udornpim doubled, and Colpitts had only a few big blinds, and quickly went out.
After Robert McLaughlin was out, Udornpim had only 6 big blinds left, but this time he won the coin flip game again, this time against Altman. His QdJs played against his opponent's Jh5s. At that time, the public card was Jc 8c 2s, and the turn card was a 5, but the river card was an 8 and Udornpim doubled again.
Zinno is also working hard for his fourth WPT title. He doubled from a short stack several times, but in the end failed to go further. He scored 88 all-times and lost to Deutsch's AK.
Although the chips lag behind Altman and Deutsch, Udornpim still patiently looks for opportunities-until the opportunity comes.
He first used AK against Altman's JJ to win and doubled the K on the river. After that, Udornpim got the AA again, against Altman's QQ, and took away the opponent's remaining chips. When he entered the heads-up, he had 11.3 million chips, while his opponent Stephen Deutsch chose 8.4 million with a blind bet of 30,000/60,000/60,000.
Because the chips of both sides are relatively deep, this heads-up played more than 100 hands.
Udornpim kept suppressing his opponents, once suppressing Deutsch's chips below 25 big blinds, but Deutsch used K8 against his A9, reducing his chip disadvantage.
In the 246th hand of the final table, Deutsch had only 3.8 million chips left and 150,000 in the big blind. He called Udornpim's all-in with Ks9s. As3c, Udornpim got the wheel on the flop and turned a spade. , Deutsch had a flush flush, but the river whiteboard, Udornpim won the Marked Deck championship.