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Marked Playing Cards | Steven Sarmiento Won WSOP Coconut Creek Main Event

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 At the last stop of the WSOP Tour-Seminole Coconut Creek, 30-year-old New Yorker Steven Sarmiento won the Main Event, and he was 617 players from the Queens in this $1700 buy-in game The biggest winner among them, earning $188,158 in prize money and the first WSOP tour ring. The event deposit is 1 million US dollars.
"I have had many successes, but this is the first one with absolute control." He said in an interview after the game. "I won the third place, the fourth place, the runner-up, this time super satisfied."
Steven Sarmiento Won WSOP Coco<em></em>nut Creek Main Event
This is Sarmiento's sixth final table this year. He has also won 840 Card Player Player of the Year points and is currently ranked 63rd globally.
Eleven players participated in the final day and Sarmiento ranked sixth. He didn't eliminate anyone early in the game, but his AhKs doubled against Matthew Yorra's AsTs and doubled, narrowing the gap with the chip leader.
Sarmiento then doubled again and his hand was still AK. He called a three-street strong bet bluff with the top pair. The opponent was Nick Yunis, the chip leader at the start of the match. Shortly afterwards, he got the gourd and won a big pot, taking the chip lead.
Sarmiento confronted Yunis again in the four-player game. On the 9h9c4dQh5c board, Yunis moved all in and Sarmiento quickly called. Yunis hand 9s7c, three, and Sarmiento hand 9d8d, won by kicking advantage, Yunis won the fourth place, earning $64,423.
Sarmiento then got the AK again, against Russell Sullivan's AhQd, who won third place with $86,060.
Sarmiento entered with a chip advantage close to 2:1 and Neal Corcoran's heads-up, the chip player once got the lead, but soon Sarmiento regained control of the game. In the final hand of the game, Corcoran got a Td8d raise to 275,000 in the button position, Sarmiento 3-BET to 700,000, Ac8s, Corcoran called.
The flop came 8h 6d 4s, Sarmiento bet 1.1 million, Corcoran all-in, Sarmiento called and kicked the lead.
The turn card 7c, the river card 2d, the champion belongs to Sarmiento, Corcoran won the runner-up income of 116,291 US dollars.
Final table
1 Steven Sarmiento Queens, New York $188,158
2 Neal Corcoran Middletown, New York $116,291
3 Russell Sullivan Columbia, South Carolina $86,060
4 Nick Yunis Miami, Florida $64,423
5 Dominique Mosley Miami, Florida $48,789
6 Matthew Yorra Miami, Florida $37,386
7 Bradley Mercer Burlington, North Carolina $28,990
8 Daniel Couzens West Hartford, Connecticut $22,752
9 Thomas Macey Chicago, Illinois $18,075