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WSOP Event News | Richard Bai Won The Main Event of Potawawatomi

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This year's second WSOP event Richard Bai Tour's $1,700 buy-in to the main event was attended by 447 people. Richard Bai from Chicago won the championship, earning $138,317 in prize money, and his second WSOP tour ring, and the end of the season 2020 Tickets for the WSOP Tour Championship 2016.
Richard Bai WSOP Event
Bai entered the final table of the South Indiana Riding Boots Casino Station on the WSOP Tour in 2015. He still has 4 players in this tournament. His chips are extremely short. He commented on the experience of counterattack winning the championship. "I am unbelievable, I am a short chip. about 9 to 10 big blinds, I thought I was fourth." Bai's previous QQ all-in, James Pupillo's JJ called, and the latter hit J on the river, leaving him with few chips left. . Bai said: "It's normal to take a hand, I'm very frustrated, but try not to let this matter affect me, just play your own card."
Bai once had 10 big blinds in the game, hand 77 all-in, Pupillo's AK called and flopped an A, it seemed that Bai was going out, but a 7 on the river made him take the pot and laid The basis for winning.
"After winning that hand, my feel came up and it felt great." Bai said after the game.

WSOP Event Final table
Rank Player Bonus
1 Richard Bai $138,317
2 Matthew Levin $85,488
3 Henry Zou $62,298
4 James Pupillo $46,017
5 Jorden Helstern $34,460
6 Nikolas Stone $26,167
7 Brett Apter $20,151
8 Jack Torcolese $15,742
9 Michael Esquivel $12,478
10 George Pappas $10,037

Day 3 review
After the final table started, players were eliminated from just one hand. WSOP bracelet winner Brett Apter got 15 big blinds from AQ. Matthew Levin's AJ called. Levin hit J and eliminated Apter on the flop.
Nik Stone then went out. On the J-high turn, he played his last 26 big blinds, with AJ, Bai's nut flush and Kashun vs. River, Bai hit Kashun, Stone Get out sixth place. He previously finished second in the WSOPC Championship in 2012.
Then Jorden Helstern handed the last 24 big blinds. Hand AK, Levin called, AQ flush, Levin flop hit flush + straight sign, and river flush hit flush. After Helstern, Helstern received a career high of $34,460 and won fifth place.
Pupillo then took control of the game and kept suppressing Bai’s chips. Bai once had less than 10 big blinds, but he won twice, and in the key hand, Bai and Pupillo both hit SET, and Bai's hand is 88, against his opponent's 44, Pupillo has all his chips on the river. Bai seconds CALL, Pupillo is out of fourth place, earning $46,107. After this win, his career bonus reached six figures .
James Pupillo WSOP Event

Henry Zou was tepid on the day until four big blinds remained. Bai got the AK in the small blind. Zou's A4 called and lost the pot. Bai and Levin entered the heads-up.
Bai had 11.4 million chips at the start of the heads-up, Levin only had 2 million. At the time, the big blind had a 100,000 bet of 100,000. Bai did not give his opponent too many opportunities. The final hand was Levin who directly put 1.05 million and the Q6 flush. , Bai's A4 quickly called, Levin flopped Kashun but did not improve, Bai's nut flush, won his second WSOP event tour ring.

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