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WPT Poker Event | Donald Maloney Won WPT Top 100 Tower Open

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This Friday, the WPT Poker Event Season 18 Best of 100 Poker Tower Championship was born, and Donald Maloney became the biggest winner of 1,156 players, earning a prize of $616,186.
In the final hand, the three players agreed to go all-in before the flop. At the button, Uke Dauti made a total of 13.025 million. Kevin Albers called 117.57 million in the small blind and Maloney in the big blind. The chips covered other players.
PocketFives Do<em></em>nald Malo<em></em>ney WPT Poker Event
Maloney hand Tc4h, Albers hand Jh3d, Dauti hand 5d3h, Dauti hit two pairs, flop Kd5h3c, turn card 6c, river 2d, Moloney hit the straight, winning while winning the pot Next game.
Dauti received runner-up income of US$410,787, and Albers received third place income of US$303,903.
Maloney, this victory is his first WPT champion and the first offline tournament champion. His offline bonus results also exceeded $1 million.
WPT Poker Event Borgata Poker Open Final Table
1: Donald Maloney – $616,186*
2: Uke Dauti – $410,787
3: Kevin Albers – $303,903
4: Dave Farah – $227,077
5: Jerry Maher – $171,386
6: Victor Ramdin – $130,672
*The championship includes a ticket worth USD 15,000 at the end of the season WPT Poker Event Championship  
At the start of the final table, Dave Farah took the lead with chips. At last year's WPT Besta Winter Open, Farah entered the final table to get runner-up income of $485,611, this time he received fourth place income of $227,077.
Before Farah was eliminated, Victor Ramdin was eliminated in sixth place, Jerry Maher won fifth place, Ramdin was defeated by Alberts, his KK lost to his opponent's 8J flush, and Maher was defeated by Dauti.
Maloney then eliminated Farah (fourth place), and he finished with 55. On Qs7d5h9c's public cards, both parties put all their chips. Farah handed Qc7h, Maloney's SET was even better, and the river card was 3h, and Farah was out.
The last three players played more than 60 hands, and the three decided to flip the coin to decide the champion.
In the 18th season, WPT played three races. Maloney scored 1200 points, which is equal to the WPT Legends of Poker champion Aaron Van Blarcum. However, Maloney's prize money is higher and it is ranked first.
In addition, Vanessa Selbst, who was away from the stadium for a long time, also participated in the event and entered the money circle.

WPT Poker Event season 18 standings
1: Donald Maloney – 1,200
2: Aaron Van Blarcum – 1,200
3: Uke Dauti – 1,000
4: Roger Teska – 1,000
5: Gueorgui Gantchev – 1,000
6: Kevin Albers – 900
7: Jared Griener – 900
8: Laszlo Molnar – 800
9: Dave Farah – 800
10: Vahan Sudzhyan – 800

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