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WSOPC Event | Scott Hall Won WSOPC St. Louis Championship

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A total of 414 people participated in the $1700 buy-in main event at the 2019 WSOP Tour St. Louis. The game was held at Ameristar Casino with a guarantee of $500,000 and an actual prize pool of $627,210. After four days of contention, Scott Hall won the championship and earned $130,667. At the age of 31, he is from Arkansas, a professional player. This is the 12th offline tournament champion of his career, with a total prize money of $725,974.
"It really feels good and I feel fully in control." He said in an interview after the game.
only three players participated in the final day. WPT champion Ravi Raghavan reached the official final table, but failed to survive the third day. He earned sixth place and earned $24,458.
WSOPC Event Ameristar winner
Bill Morrow led the chip at the start of the last day, before he eliminated Edward Dixon (fourth place, $43,198). Andros Ioakimides had the shortest chips at the start of the day, but he got the lead by winning the biggest pot in the game. The big blind was 80,000, the ante was 80,000, Hall opened the button to 175,000, the hand QhQc, Morrow raised to 500,000 in the big blind, the hand Ac7c, Hall called.
The flop came Tc 2h 2c, Marrow made a total of about 400,000, Hall thought for a long time to call with QQ, Morrow had more draws, but the turn card spades 8, river card hearts 3, Hall won the pot, chips The volume reached 1.05 million, and Morrow was out of the game to earn third place income of $58,653.
Hall led the chip at the start of the heads-up, but his opponent Ioakimides defeated his A5 with AJ to get a double. The final hand Ioakimides was raised to 175,000 with a button. Hand Js5d, Hall called with Jd9s and the flop 8c 7d 3c was issued, Ioakimides raised to 250,000 and Hall called. On the turn 6c, Ioakimides checked and called 540,000, the river Tc, Ioakimides all bluffed, Hall river Cheng Shun called, Ioakimides was defeated to get runner-up income of $80,761.
WSOPC Event Final table
1 Scott Hall $130,667
2 Andros Ioakimides$80,761
3 Bill Morrow $58,653
4 Edward Dixon $43,198
5 Jerod Smith $32,271
6 Ravi Raghavan $24,458
7 Brent Barfield $18,810
8 Gil George $14,682
9 Paul Strohm $11,634

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