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Legendary Poker | Aaron Van Blarcum Won The Legendary Poker Main Event

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The 2019 WPT Legendary Poker $5,000 Buy Infinite Texas Hold'em Main Event was held at the Bicycle Casino. A total of 520 people participated in the event. There were two initial match days. After a total of 4 match days, Aaron Van Blarcum won the championship income of $474,390. At the age of 43, he is from Dallas, Texas. This is his first offline major championship. His best result was his 212th place in this year's WSOP main event with a revenue of $50,855.
"Generally I only play cash games. I come to this game, but I never play. This time I decided to try it." Van Blarcum said in an interview with WPT. "I got 212 in the WSOP, which gave me confidence. This is the first game. It looks like a good start. I will continue."
Aaron Won WPT legendary poker
Van Blarcum had the shortest chips when he reached the final table of the six-man final table, but there were 40 big blinds at the time. In the first few rounds, he increased his stack and first eliminated Antonios Roungeris, which was also the first match of the day when he saw the river. Van Blarcum got the pair J raise and opened the pot, while Roungeris 3-bet all hands, 77 hands, neither side has been promoted on the public card, Roungeris received sixth place income of 96,955 dollars.
After a few hands, Van Blarcum handed the JT spade flush and hit the royal flush on AsKs2hQsAs' public board. Jisup Hwang took three, and this hand Blarcum won a considerable pot. Hwang was later out, his 33 against the chip leader Gueorgui Gantchev at the start of the game failed QQ, and Hwang earned fifth place with $127,165.
Vahan Sudzhyan is the next out. He opened the pool to 200,000 in the button position, with a 65-card flush flush, Van Blarcum raised to 680,000 in the big blind, handed AdKs, Sudzhyan called, flopped Qs7s4s, Van Blarcum bet 750,000 opponents called Note, the turn card Ts, Van Blarcum checked, Sudzhyan made a total of 2.07 million, Van Blarcum called with a second nut flush, River Spades A, Sudzhyan got out of the fourth place and earned $168,630.
Jared Griener is the shortest bargaining chip in a three-player match. Griener is the most famous player on the final table. His offline prize money is more than $1.6 million. This is his fourth top eight result in the WPT Legendary Poker main game. The good result is that the third place in the 2017 Los Angeles Classics earned $431,340. Griener got 77 all-hands in the last hand of the game, Van Blacrcum called 99, and hit a dark three on the turn. Griener earned third place with $226,040.
Van Blarcum entered the heads-up with a nearly 4:1 chip advantage, and the two sides played 28 hands to decide the championship. In the last hand, Van Blarcum's TT went all in. His opponent's hand was 55, and the public hand issued Qs8c4c3d2d. Van Blarcum won the championship.

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