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Teach you a poker divination, the accuracy is very high.

 This is a very simple poker divination, it is said that the accuracy rate of divination reached more than 90%. The method of divination is actually very simple, that is, prepare a deck of cards, divination before the card shuffle, and then three breaths of the card can start divination.


Firstly, divide the ten cards horizontally into two rows, eight cards vertically into two rows, five cards in the middle, as shown in the picture.



Ten cards playing horizontally divination your luck every year, you have been divining since you were a few years old. The eight verticals are divination of your friends, the four on the left represent your four male friends, and the four on the right represent your four female friends. The top five in the middle are the sky cards, representing the father, and the next one is the land card representing the mother. On the left is a person card representing your brother and sister, and on the right is a card and a colleague. The middle one is on your own behalf.


In divination, start with the first one in the top row, divining your fortune every year, and then turning over eight cards, divining the relationship between your friends and you. Finally, open the middle five, in order, according to the sky,land,people and yourself. Then look at the results against the answers below. For example, your first card is the red peach k, which proves that you will make new friends this year. The same is true for a friend's card. For example, the first card of your female friend's card is Spades III, which means that some things in your past will be exposed. How is it very simple? Also very accurate!




A——Commercial transactions and negotiations will go smoothly.


K - There will be a happy event recently.


Q - I will meet someone who is very interested.


J——Indulge in fun, it will fall to the end of the name.


10 - Life is not stable, but also an accidental disaster.


9 - There are very good subordinates and families.


8 - There is a mental anxiety disorder.


7 - There will be unexpected things happening.


6 - will give a good impression to others.


5—Peace is fine, but if you can do new work, you will fail.


4 - It will be very busy for the sake of disputes.


3 - The past events will be exposed.


2 - Happy life will have trouble intervening.


Red heart:


A——I met the first love lover and revived the old feelings.


K - there will be new friends.


Q——Partnership with people will succeed.


J - Awarded by the elders.


10 - Good luck.


9 - Whether you are an older person or a younger generation, you will trust you.


8 - People in love will achieve their goals.


7—People who don’t know each other will openly reveal the love of your heart to you.


6 - Someone is secretly in love with you.


5 - Someone will meet you.


4 - will be misunderstood by the lover.


3 - Attention will drop things.


2 - will receive a precious gift.




A - was troubled by trouble.


K - Pay attention to accidents.


Q - being embarrassed by others.


J - the plan will fail.


10 - will encounter pickpockets.


9 - Lost property.


8 - Being disgusted by lovers.


7 - Lack of money.


6 - Find a glimmer of hope.


5 - Everything is contrary to wishes.


4 - alienated from the family.


3 - The lover betrays you.


2 - pay attention to illness.




A - things will develop towards the goal.


K - Judgment is prone to errors.


Q - To interfere too much with others, others will not be able to stand it.


J - pay attention to forget things and drop things.


10 - To be prosperous, it is very important to start.


9 - Long time hard, there is a price.


8 - I need someone to help.


7 - No gambling.


6 - Distressed for each other's loss.


5 - There will be good ideas.


4 - There will be guilt.


3 - Bad luck, the body also has an impact.


2 - Do not care about criticism of others, otherwise you will be deceived



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