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EPT High Roller | Chris Hunichen Won EPT Barcelona Championship

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Barcelona, ​​Spain, Chris Hunichen won at the EPT High Roller Barcelona 2019 buy-in Hawker race of 540 people with a income of 841,345 euros ($933,893). This is the highest prize of the American player's career, line The revenue of the next event exceeded 6.5 million US dollars.
Hunichen suffered a severe blow before coming to Barcelona.
Chris Hunichen Won EPT High Roller Barcelona Championship
Heartbreak. Answered the phone a few hours ago. The dog that accompanied me for 13 years was comatose because of kidney disease and pancreatitis. They don't know how long it can last. My heart is about to break, and I feel heavy this week.
— Chris Hunichen (@BigHuni) August 21, 2019
After winning this championship, he also earned 2100 CardPlayer Player of the Year points. This was his first championship and fourth final table this year, which allowed him to climb to the 35th place in the annual standings.
Hunichen ranked 21st when there were 26 players, when the money circle was already created. He climbed to fourth place when there were still 9 people, after which he won 44 with Jack Salter, who won the ninth place ($98,257).
He also eliminated another opponent when there were 6 players. This time he got the AQ plum flush before the flop, against Lander Lijo's 99, the flop Q-high, and Hunichen eliminated the opponent.
Uri Reichenstein then eliminated Andreas Berggren Berggreb (third place, $501,187). When entering the heads-up, Reichenstein had a stack of 11,725,000 and Hunichen had a stack of 15,250,000. The two parties reached an agreement to distribute the bonus. Reichenstein locked in US$881,801, while Hunichen locked in US$933,893.
EPT High Roller Final Table CardPlayer Annual Points
1 Christopher Hunichen $933,893 2100
2 Uri Reichenstein $881,801 1750
3 Andreas Berggren $501,187 1400
4 Pablo Melogno $390,709 1050
5 Tibor Nagygyorgy $306,404 875
6 Lander Lijo $240,704 700
7 Pauli Ayras $179,654 525
8 Antonios Paschalidis $124,420 350
9 Jack Salter $98,257 175

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