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Partypoker | Lukas Zaskodny Won The European Millions Main Event

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Lukas Zaskodny probably should never have left the King’s Casino in Rosładov, Czech Republic. The Czech professional player has already got a WSOP gold bracelet and a WSOP tour ring here, and he took it again this Sunday Won the partypoker European Millions Main Event champion.
Zaskodny ranked third in the chip stack at the start of the final table, ahead of Romain Lewis and Charlie Carrel, who have been in a hot state for the past two years.
only 15 minutes after the final table started, the first player was out. Carrel got KhKs at the gun position and raised to 3.2 million. Rastislav Paleta behind him raised to 13 million again. QcQh and Carrel went all in. Paleta called and the public hand issued Js7s6hJd3c, Paleta won the eighth place, and Carrel expanded his lead at this time, with nearly 90 big blinds.
However, Carrel was a depressed experience for the next three hours. Josef Snejberg, Roberto Romanello and Severin Schleser successively doubled from Carrel. The British professional player's chip fell to 9 big blinds. He was in the HJ position. The card KcQh, Snejberg called with 9c9h in the small blind, the community dealt Jh2d7sAh4h, and Carrel took seventh place.
Then there was another 99 in the hand, but this time it was in the hands of the loser. Lewis folded to the CO position, 45.7 million, QhJh hand, Romanello called in the big blind, hand 9h9s, the public hand KhTc8c4sAh, Lewis got the biggest straight, Romanello won sixth place.
Zaskodny eliminated his opponent at the final table after 90 minutes. Zaskodny opened the pool to 11 million in the back position, with 7c7d in hand, Sam Grafton made 38.6 million in the small blind, KcQc, Zaskodny called and flopped Qs9d7s, Zaskodny won the bottom SET, Grafton got the top pair and the backdoor straight sign, the turn card 5h River Ac, Grafton did not hit the sign, he won the fifth place.
It took another hour before any players were out. Zaskodny got Qc4h in the small blind, and Severin Schleser called in the big blind with AdAs. The flop came QsTh4s, Zaskodny made two pairs, the Czech bet 11.5 million and Schleser called again. On the turn of 8h, Zaskodny opened fire again, waiting for Schleser's all-out -57.5 million. Zaskodny called and the river Jc, Schleser was out and won the fourth place.
A few minutes later, Zaskodny was seven in the button position, Romain Lewis made all 80.5 million, Kc9h in hand, Snejberg called in the big blind, AsJc in hand, the public hand issued Ac7h4s9s5c, Lewis went out to get the third place, and the game entered the singles.
At the beginning of the heads-up, Zaskodny had 312 million chips, and the total chips in the game were 504 million. The two sides agreed to allocate bonuses. Zaskodny locked 806,770 euros, and Snejberg locked 718,230 euros, leaving 100,000 euros for the championship.
Heads-up play for another hour, Zaskodny chips already have a clear advantage. Zaskodny got TcTh, all-in, Snejberg handed AsTd, called 98 million (12 big blinds), the public hand issued Jc6c5d5h6d, Zaskodny won the championship and earned an additional €100,000.
Final table prize distribution
Lukas Zaskodny – €906,770*
Josef Snejberg – €718,230*
Romain Lewis – €428,000
Severin Schleser – €300,000
Sam Grafton – €220,000
Roberto Romanello – €170,000
Charlie Carrel – €130,000
Rastislav Paleta – €100,000

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