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Marked Cards WSOP | Hollis Holcomb Won Tour Chuck Tao Main Championship

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Hollis "Victory" Holcomb won the main event at the $1,700 buy-in for the WSOP Tour Chuck Tao Station 2019-2020, earning $255,535 in prize money, and the event had 976 participants. This is also the first title of his career, he won the third place on the Tulsa tour last year.
Holcomb is a native of Oklahoma and he only bought it once.
Hollis Holcomb Won Marked Cards WSOP
Marked Cards WSOP Final table results
Rank Player Prize
1 Hollis Holcomb $255,535
2 Vincent Moscati $157,929
3 Jesse Solano $118,349
4 Tony Nguyen $89,536
5 Braxton Dunaway $68,390
6 Matt Russell $52,747
7 Steven Williams $41,082
8 Shomari Williams $32,314
9 Scott Hall $25,672
Marked Cards WSOP Final table action
At the start of the day, there were 10 players, but after one hand a 9-person official final table was produced. Short-stacked players in the middle position Joseph Skinner made a total of 735,000. Scott Hall called in the big blind and Skinner's Ax flush. Hall's JJ suppressed, he won the tenth place income of 20,602 US dollars.
Shortly after Skinner's exit, Hall's KK met Braxton Dunaway's AA, and then he was out with a hand. He earned a ninth place income of $25,672.
Then came out the chip leader Shomari Williams at the start of the day. Williams did not start well that day. His AA was defeated by Vincent Moscati's KK. Then he got JJ all down, Holcomb's 55 second CALL, public card Out of a 5, Shomari Williams took eighth place and earned $32,314.
Steven Williams took seventh place. His AQ met Tony Nguyen's 99. Williams failed to beat his opponent's pair. He earned seventh place with $41,082.
Shortly afterwards, Matt Russell got the weak Ax flush and he went all-in and was picked up by Holcomb's JJ. The former failed to get a pair. He earned sixth place with a income of $52,747.

Matt Russell Marked Cards WSOP

The five-player game didn't last long. Shortly after dinner, Dunaway got 77 all in the middle. Moscati's AJ called and the latter hit A to eliminate Dunaway.
A few hands later, Holcomb eliminated the opponent again. His A5 flush flush defeated Nguyen's KK. Nguyen earned fourth place with a revenue of $89536.
Holcomb was unstoppable at this time, he quickly eliminated Jesse Solano, Holcomb opened the pool to 750,000 in the small blind, then quickly called Solano's all-round, his 77 completely suppressed the opponent's 55, Solano won the third place Revenue was US$118,349.
The heads-up didn't last too long. Holcomb and the opponent quickly all pre-flop, Moscati hand AK against Holcomb's JJ, this is a classic coin flip match, and Holcomb's luck is better, holding seven tours Moscati of the race ring also failed to stop him, Holcomb won the championship income of $255,535.

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